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When does Fortnite Season 8 end? Rumors, Season 9 start date, leaks and more

Published: 1/Mar/2019 17:23 Updated: 27/Apr/2019 15:34

by Connor Bennett


the long-awaiting v8.00 patch was released – marking the end of Season 7. With it, the update brought a huge map overhaul. Wailing Woods and Lazy Links are now long gone and have been replaced with a massive volcano and pirate inspired area.

While players have been enjoying the early period of the new season and its brand new theme, the wait for the next update has already begun – as players begin to speculate to what Epic Games has in store for them next.

Below, you can find everything we know – and everything we think we might know – about Season 9 so far…


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Twitter - @FNBRHQ & @TrixBRCould we see a Pirate-themed vehicle in Season 8?

When does Fortnite Season 8 end?

Fortnite seasons usually last around 10 weeks, but Season 7 was extended for an additional fortnight due to Epic Games’ break over the holiday period.

A leak from the PlayStation event page for Fortnite Season 8 states that the end date will be May 8. However, that isn’t an official date from Epic. They should release an official date closer to the end of the season as Epic begin to drop their own teasers. 

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When does Fortnite Season 9 begin?

Again, we don’t officially know but by using the usual 10 weeks timeframe of previous seasons and the PlayStation leak, it seems like it would have to be May 9. If Season 9 runs for the usual 10 weeks of challenges, without any sort of overtime, it will come to a close on July 25.


That start date, which is the second Thursday in May, would line up with the normal release schedule of Fortnite updates – which usually land on a Thursday morning.

However, if Epic decides to extend the season due to delays in the update or something in their storyline dictates it – the start date for Season 9 will ultimately be decided by them.

Epic GamesA brand-new Volcano has taken the Fortnite map by storm.
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What will the Season 9 theme be and what changes can we expect?

With this being Epic Games, the theme for Season 9 is sure to impress. Epic completely threw us all a curveball with the Jungle and Pirate theme for Season 8 – including adding an Aztec-looking temple at Sunny Steps, a giant Volcano and a fully-fledged Pirate town at Lazy Lagoon.


As Season 8 progresses, we are sure to get some sort of hint at what is set to come in the following season. 

There had been theories prior to the current season that there would be some sort of underwater aspect, but that seemingly turned out to be the Pirate-theme we have now in Season 8. Epic Games have also hinted a future also being set in Space. Will that be the case for Season 9? We’ll have to wait and see!

However, we guess we can make is that with Season 9 being the season that takes us into the summer, there should be a warm feel – with plenty of sunshine, colors and a party-like atmosphere to keep you rocking all the way through until Season 10. 


REDDIT: GRANTLDCould another Marshmello-like concert be on the way in Season 9?
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How much will the Season 9 Battle Pass cost?

Expect to see Season 9 Battle Pass cost around the same amount as it has in previous seasons, which has been around 950 V-Bucks (~ $10/£8).

There should also be the additional Battle Bundle to purchase. That package, which is a bit more expensive that the normal Battle Pass, would give you a head start on the first 25 tiers and unlock an additional exclusive bonus skin centered around the theme for the new season.

How long will Season 8 last?

We’re expecting Season 8 to be a return to normal practice, meaning it will last 10 weeks with 10 sets of weekly challenges and 100 Battle Pass tiers to work through. Epic Games have yet to officially announce when the season will end. 


However, Epic has been known to extend seasons in the past – fitting in additional challenges that lead to a free Battle Pass when Season 7 had an extra two weeks added to its lifespan. 

There is also the possibility of delays with updates, meaning the developer would have to divert from their plans and any set timetable to make sure everything runs smoothly before the mass horde of Fortnite fans are able to dive right into the new season. 

This post was last updated on April 27

We will continue to update this post with any news, rumors and theories surrounding Season 9 so that you have a better idea of what you’ll be sinking your teeth into by the time Epic drops the v9.00 update. 

Until then, you can follow us on Twitter @Dexerto to keep up with everything Fortnite related throughout Season 8.