Wendy’s takes surprising stance on Fortnite’s burgers vs. pizza debate

Wendy’s, the international food-chain that specializes in burgers, has taken a firm and active stance in the ongoing Fortnite debate of pizza vs burgers.

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The question arose earlier in November when Fortnite tweeted a poll-question asking their followers if they preferred ‘Beef Boss’ or ‘Tomatohead,’ two in-game skins depicting mascots for the fictitious chains Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.

Thesituation escalated when food trucks for each restaurant were seen competing for territory throughout the Fortnite’s sprawling map.

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In a surprising series of events, Wendy’s has sided with Team Pizza, claiming they spotted freezers at Durrr Burger locations in game that go against Wendy’s philosophy of “Fresh, Never Frozen” when it pertains to hamburger meat.

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At the time of writing, Wendy’s is taking a persistent position on the matter by broadcasting on Twitch to solidify its anti-frozen-burger agenda.

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With a ‘verified’ checkmark in tow, the Wendy’s Twitch account has repeatedly landed at the Durrr Burger location with a squad all dressed in the Fable skin modeled after Little Red Riding Hood (which is also is a clear callback to the iconic Wendy’s logo) and proceeded to destroy the restaurant repeatedly.

Although a fun-spirited move by the burger-chain’s social media team, so far it has been an incredibly successful move with many in Twitch chat suggesting this stunt will prompt them eating there tonight.

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Watch live video from wendys on www.twitch.tv

Since the stream’s start, the new Twitch account has over 4,000 followers, an impressive 3,000 concurrent viewers, and they even managed to win a game!

At the time of writing, no one seems to have stepped up to lend a helping hand towards poor Durrr Burger as their restaurant is getting continually destroyed and blasted on social media.