TSM Myth refocuses content creation efforts, devises ‘Operation: #StealTheViews’

Ross Deason
Epic Games

If you’re a regular viewer of TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani on Twitch, you may have noticed that he has switched his Fortnite Battle Royale resolution back to ‘native’ after spending some time on ‘stretched’.

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Now the professional player has revealed that the reason for this change is simple – he’s beginning to focus on content creation again until there is more direction in the competitive Fortnite scene.

“Fortnite comp, like, genuinely we don’t know where the fuck it’s going in the next three months, right?” Myth explained. “So I’d rather just go back to natural res, steal the views while I can, and then when comp comes out, dude, go back to stret- I mean stay on native and just dominate the scene.”

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He then doubled down on his statements about not going back to a stretched resolution, insisting that it was a slip of the tongue: “Sorry, that was a typo with my mouth. Never going back to stretch boys.”

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Later in the stream, Myth presented his viewers with a document titled ‘Operation: #StealTheViews’ and explained: “It’s in full effect baby, this is it! You ready baby? We taking them back!”

The document consisted of a list of steps to complete this #StealTheViews operation.

Myth has been focusing his efforts predominantly on competitive Fortnite in recent weeks but his growth on Twitch seemed to be taking a hit as a result, with OpTic Gaming’s Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop recently suggesting that he has “refocused how he’s branding himself.”

We’re not sure how serious Myth is about his campaign, but we can’t argue with the people that say the native resolution looks better!

Long-time fans of the 19-year-old will be glad to hear that he is going to be concentrating on his streaming again.

Whether or not that focus will change once again when a Fortnite esports circuit is laid out is currently uncertain.