This corrupt version of Fortnite’s Rex skin would be perfect for Halloween

One of Fortnite Battle Royale’s most popular skins, Rex, has received a makeover in fan-made concept that would be perfect for Halloween and Season 6 of Epic Games title.

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The mysterious Fortnite cube, affectionately known as ‘Kevin’ within the community, melted into Loot Lake at the end of Season 5 before rising again at the start of Season 6 and creating a floating island.

The cube has also corrupted large areas of the map, with ‘Shadow Stones’ spawning around the map and large patches of purple ground appearing where the cube previously left runes.

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This theme of corruption appears to be what inspired the incredible ‘Reaper Rex’ skin concept by nollobandz, which can be viewed below:

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With Halloween looming, and Epic Games already releasing a number of cool Halloween-themed skins and items, this corrupted, or dark, version of the classic Rex skin would fit right in and be a huge hit with fans of the game.

In fact, the concept has already received great plaudits on Reddit, with one user, ‘Recade15’, saying: “I’m pretty sure I’d buy that straight away if it came out, very well made buddy.”

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Another Redditor, Lucario_00, said: “Rex is my favorite skin ever and if they would come up with something like this I would cry tears of joy.”

Of course, this is merely a piece of concept art, but Epic Games have been known to take inspiration from the community in the past. Here’s hoping that this is one of those times!

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