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New ‘Bottle Rocket’ item coming to Fortnite

Published: 4/Feb/2019 0:42 Updated: 4/Feb/2019 1:01

by Vincent Genova


A new item is on its way to Fortnite after an image of Bottle Rockets was updated on the in-game news feed.

The in-game description of the item reads “Loud, bright and dangerous! Warning: do not light indoors.”

No other information was provided on the item, leaving some to wonder if it will be a trap or a weapon and what kind of ammo it will use.

Although Bottle Rockets are a new addition to the Battle Royale mode, they were briefly featured in the PvE Save the World mode. The Save the World version looked a lot rougher and home-made.


They were a common consumable item and were classified as a grenade. The new image of the Bottle Rocket does not match up wit the old one, so the BR version of the item may behave differently.

On the left is the new version of the Bottle Rockets.

Bottle Rockets should be apart of the game at the next update this week, which is typically when the news feed items get added.

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