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MonsterDface suggests how to reduce randomness and ‘RNG’ in Fortnite’s Arena mode

Published: 28/Mar/2019 15:25 Updated: 28/Mar/2019 15:45

by Marcus Banks


Popular commentator and streamer, MonsterDface, believes that Fortnite’s new arena mode needs more work in order to truly be competitive following the release of v8.20.

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The latest Fortnite patch caused controversy among the community after it was revealed that the popular siphon mechanic would be removed from all default playlists as Epic Games believed it caused ‘unhealthy aggression’.

Nevertheless, the settings would still be present in the new arena mode – a ranked playlist which matches players depending on their skill level and accrued points. 

Epic GamesPlayers will only receive health and materials on elimination in the newly added arena modes.
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With the competitive community being vocal in support for a ranked move for a while, the move has been well received by the majority of top players who will fight for the chance to compete at the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.


However, MonsterDface – who regularly casts the Fortnite tournaments – believes that more needs to be done to improve the competitive integrity of the game and to stop pro players from complaining.

“The competitive mode should be structured a certain way,” he said. “In the competitive mode, there could be no vehicles, pre-determined loadouts, 100% chest spawns and players could land with shield.”

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While he admitted that he felt the default playlists should also have siphon settings as well, he suggested that lowering RNG in the arena mode would also stop players making excuses about bad loot or poor drops.


“To reduce RNG, comp should have 100% and players should spawn in with an AR, pump, SMG and 50 shield. That way, players won’t be able say ‘I landed late or I didn’t get a pump'” he explained.

“Shut up! How about we give you everything you need and watch you still die. Because you ain’t going to beat Bizzle in a 1v1 – period!”

Reducing RNG would be a move that competitive community would definitely get behind and help Epic Games legitimize their game as an esport.