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How to heal Baller and other Fortnite vehicles with overpowered new trick

Published: 19/Jul/2019 12:02 Updated: 19/Jul/2019 12:34

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite fans have uncovered a strange new method to ‘repair’ damaged vehicles like the Baller, just like how they would heal themselves.

Ever since its introduction in the v8.10 patch update, The Baller has become one of the most annoying and controversial items in Fortnite. Professional and casual players slammed its impact on late-game situations – prompting Epic Games to make changes.

Despite that, bugs and glitches are a regular occurrence as players have even found ways to become invisible when inside one. Yet, the latest error is less rage-inducing and just slightly more confusing as there is a way to fix up a damaged vehicle.  


Epic GamesPlenty of bugs and glitches have been found for the Baller.

In a post to the Fortnite subreddit, user 420_Flo, issued a ‘reminder’ that players who have seen their Baller take some damage can use the campfires that are dotted around the map to repair it. 

420_Flo even showed that the vehicle didn’t have to be on top of the fire and only had to be in its vicinity – as the example Baller saw it’s health rise from 106 to a full 150 within a matter of moments. 

While the Redditor felt that people just needed remind of this trick, they were left bewildered as other users didn’t actually know that they could heal their vehicles with the campfires. 


“Maybe it’s not a reminder because I think it’s new since (the) last update. Thought you guys should know though,” they posted, following a number of confused comments from players.

However, that didn’t stop other posters from quickly hopping into a game and seeing if the healing worked on other vehicles. 

Some noted that the method also worked on the Driftboard and Quadchasers in the exact same way – as just being close to a lit campfire would immediately begin repairing them. 

It remains to be seen if Epic intended for this mechanic to work as has been displayed – or if it’s some kind of bug that has crept into the game. If it is a bug, it may have to be quickly patched before the highly-lucrative Fortnite World Cup kicks off.


Despite being active on the game’s subreddit, none of the developer’s have yet to comment on 420_Flo’s finding.