Hilarious clip of Ninja and TimTheTatman perfectly sums up the latest update in Fortnite

Albert Petrosyan

Nothing quite sums up the recent v6.30 update quite like today’s clip of popular streamers Ninja and TimTheTatman playing Fortnite.

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Getting in some squads matches, the Twitch superstars started one of the games by going to Tilted Towers and landing on top of the Clock Tower.

What followed was absolute mayhem as they and an enemy player that also landed there began hacking each other with their pickaxes, which, following the update, now do 20 melee damage instead of 10.

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While Tim ended up being saved by Ninja, the chaos did not end there. After the pickaxe warfare ended, the team immediately found themselves in the midst of further pandemonium, this time involving one of the brand new Mounted Turrets that were added to the game as part of the update. 

In a hilarious sequence of events, Tim found himself in the seat of the Turret and began destroying the walls of the Clock Tower. He ended up breaking one too many walls as behind the last one was an enemy player on yet another Turret, which eliminated their whole squad.

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If this hilarious bedlam does not perfectly represent the effect that this latest update has had in Fortnite, then it’ll be hard to find one that does.

Heavy pickaxe damage followed by Turrets facing each other, the only thing missing from this was someone dying to fall damage because they no longer had Glider Re-Deploy available.

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It is scenarios like the one shown in the clip that has a lot of players displeased with the v6.30 patch, with some even calling it one of the worst in recent months.

A major reason for that is the addition of Mounted Turrets, which have received two major nerfs in as many days since being added to the game. 

The full highlight video from which the clip above was taken from can be viewed below (video starts where the clip starts):