Fortnite streamers and pro players react to Infinity Blade nerfs, and they’re still not happy

Despite Epic Games pledging to nerf the new and controversial Infinity Blade item in Fortnite Battle Royale, some of the game’s biggest content creators and pro players are still not satisfied.

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The Infinity Blade is a powerful sword added to Fortnite on December 11, and after a contentious couple of days of seemingly endless complaints, Epic Games announced that they would be adjusting the item in the next game update.

However, upon reading the details of the announcement, many prominent content creators and pros remain unhappy about the Infinity Blade.

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One of the more consistently seen complaints, which was ringing around before and after news of the nerfs was announced, is that the sword throws off the competitive/casual balance that exists within Fortnite.

Many are contending that the Infinity Blade should either be vaulted or be moved to its own Limited Time Mode, which would essentially be a blanket solution for all of the issues.

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However, Epic Games do not seem to be inclined to go down that route, and have instead opted to introduce changes to the item and continue to have it in the game.

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All that being said, it’s worth looking at some of the latest reactions of big-name content creators and pro players about the sword and the nerfs that Epic will be applying to it.

Included in these reactions are tweets from CouRage, DrLupo, 100 Thieves’ Parallax, I_AM_WILDCAT, CLG’s Wish, FaZe’s Cloak and Thiefs, and more. 

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