Fortnite: How to get free Carbon skin PlayStation Plus pack

A new ‘Carbon’ skin and back bling are now available in Fortnite, exclusively for PlayStation Plus members – here’s how to get your hands on them.

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Like previous PlayStation Plus packs in Fortnite, it’s completely free, provided you are a paying member of PlayStation’s subscription service.

Currently, the Carbon pack is only available in selected countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, but is expected to roll out in the United states soon.

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The pack includes one free skin and one free accompanying back bling, which is not as much as you would typically receive from the ‘starter packs’, but this one is free after all.

There is no V-Bucks bonus like you would get with a starter pack, but still, a free skin and back bling is nothing to scoff at.

The Carbon pack skin is the ‘Carbon Commando’ outfit, which was previously leaked by data miners following the v8.10 update.

The Carbon back bling is especially made to rock with the Carbon Commando outfit.

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How to download free PlayStation Plus Carbon pack in Fortnite

The easiest way to download the pack is to find it through the PlayStation store on your console.

Once in the store, search ‘Fortnite’, and then go to the game add-ons. Here you should see the Carbon pack, exclusive for PlayStation Plus members.

You can also ‘purchase’ the skin online on the US / UK / Australian website, by logging in to your PlayStation account online.

Note: The Carbon PlayStation Plus pack may not be available in your region yet. Keep checking back to see when it becomes available wherever you are in the world.