Fortnite: How to find the secret Battle Star for Week 9 of the Hunting Party challenge

. 4 years ago

Week 9 of the Hunting Party in Fortnite Battle Royale sees the Battle Star make another appearance, meaning there’s a free Battle Pass tier just waiting to be collected!

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The Hunting Party is an ongoing bonus challenge that began at the start of Season 6. Completing seven Hunting Party challenges will result in players earning the Hunting Party skin, which was revealed to be the A.I.M outfit during Week 7.

Now, whether you’ve unlocked the skin already or not, you’re probably still interested in completing the rest of the Hunting Party challenges, and the fact that the Battle Star is back for Week 9 instead of the Banner makes the prospect even more enticing.

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As is often the case, the Hunting Party loading screen for Week 9 has already been leaked, meaning that we have a pretty good idea of where the Battle Star will be hiding!

The hint for where the item can be found is, as always, shown in the the loading screen. We’ve circled it in the image below:

As long as nothing changes at the last minute, this will be the hint for Week 9.
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Assuming nothing changes at the last minute, this should mean that the Battle Star can be found at Leaky Lake, on one of the larger sections of land that were left behind after the cube exploded, on top of a grill/barbecue.

Once you’ve completed all seven of the standard challenges for Week 9, the Hunting Party challenge will be unlocked and the Battle Star should be available for collection.

As long as the developers don’t throw any curveballs, you should be able to simply go to the location marked on the map below and the Battle Star will be located on top of grill.

We’ll update this post with a confirmation once the challenges go live on November 22.

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