Fortnite Agent at Durrr Burger Desert Site Suspiciously Drops Book To Possibly Reveal Another Hint About Season 5

The Alternate Reality Game that Epic Games have been playing in offering real world clues for Fortnite’s Season 5 keeps getting more and more mysterious.

The latest development once again involves the unnamed Agent, who is simply identified as #3678, who has been seen around the Durrr Burger sign located in a California desert.

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On what appears to be a live-stream, Agent #3678 suspiciously dropped a book he was carrying for few seconds, and it landed open on page 28.

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On the page, there were several letters circled, and upon closer look, the letters together spell the word “nothing.”

The book the Agent was carrying is called “Return to the Stars” by Erich Von Daniken, which, according to Google Books, “presents the theory that extraterrestrial beings have visited the Earth throughout this planet’s existence.”

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There are several things here that are worth closer examination. The first being the word “nothing” and what it could possibly mean when it comes to Season 5. 

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Could Epic Games be revealing the fact that all of what they have done over the past few days means nothing and was just a wild goose chase?

Or, this could be a message that there is nothing more to see at the Durrr Burger desert site, and that everything which had to be seen and discovered already has been.

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Obviously the choice of literature and the message it presents cannot be a mere coincidence; Epic has been toying with the idea of extraterrestrials visiting the Fortnite map for almost all of Season 4.

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However, could this be a sign or hint of what lays in store for Season 5? The connection between the book’s ideas and the large cracks in the game’s sky should not go unnoticed. 

Perhaps this is foreshadowing the possibility that the next Season will start off with something coming through the cracks and into Fortnite.

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