Fortnite: 5 leaked weapons, modes and items that still haven’t been added

. Last updated: Apr 07, 2019

Leaks are extremely common in Fortnite, with players able to catch a glimpse of items that could be added into the game, before Epic Games actually implement them – but that doesn’t always mean they are certain to be added.

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Upon the release of every major Fortnite patch, data miners are able to delve into the game files to find new items and skins that are set to be released in the future.

Players are given a peek of any new items that could be on the way, allowing them to save up their v-Bucks to purchase the latest outfits for their character – even more skins were leaked during the recent v8.20 update.

Leaks revealed that the Lava Legends bundle would be added to Fortnite.
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Leaked items that were never added to Fortnite

Data mined items don’t always make their way into the game as Epic can still make last minute changes before they are released – here are five leaked items that were never introduced.

Machine Pistol (Mini-Uzi)

Epic Games have made plenty of changes to submachine guns in Fortnite, removing then adding a suppressed variant of the SMG as well as introducing the Compact SMG; which was one of the most overpowered weapons we’ve ever seen upon release.

Back in the v7.10 patch, data miners were able to uncover a Machine Pistol that looked extremely similar to a Mini-Uzi that has previously been seen in Call of Duty.

The Uzi is actually present in Save the World and was set to be introduced to battle royale but it still yet to be seen.

The Uzi would be a very fun gun in battle royale – if it ever actually comes.
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High Infantry Rifle

The Infantry Rifle, which was added at the end of Season 7, was one of the most unpopular weapons ever added to Fortnite.

However, the gun was later updated to be hit scan and the common variant was vaulted meaning it’s now an extremely viable mid-range option.

Leaks found an epic and legendary variant of the Infantry Rifle that could be introduced in the near future with @KnapperigeLeaks able to showcase what the gun could look like in-game.

Fortnite founder’s pickaxe

Fortnite had promised users who had purchased the Save the World game would be rewarded with cosmetic items in the battle royale mode.

These skins were finally made available in the v5.10 update, giving STW users the legendary Warpaint and Rose Team Leader outfits. Leaks suggested that Fortnite would be adding a harvesting tool to the bundle.

However, it has since been revealed that the pickaxe has disappeared from the game code in the v8.2 content update suggesting it may never be obtainable.

The founder’s pickaxe still hasn’t been found.

Gun Game mode

Many limited time modes have been added to Fortnite in the past including sniper shootout, one shot as well as trios.

Leaks suggested that Epic would take inspiration from Call of Duty and add a gun game mode which requires players to gain eliminations to upgrade their current weapon.

However, the mode is yet to be introduced but could be on the way in a future update after the code for a reversed gun game was found in Season 8.

Gun Game still hasn’t seen the light of day in Fortnite.

Carrot foraged item

Foraged items have become a massive part of Fortnite with Epic Games continuing to add different edible foods to spice up the battle.

Apples and mushrooms were the first two healing items to be introduced with bananas, coconuts and peppers being added in the recent v8.20 patch.

According to leaks, a carrot item was also set to be implemented but there is still no sign of their presence. With Easter just around the corner, Epic may be waiting for the perfect time to bring them into the fray.

We’ve had apples and mushrooms – but still no carrots in Fortnite.

So there you have it, five items that were leaked but have never been seen in Fortnite.

Leaks are mostly reliable, but never 100% accurate, so keep your eyes open for any future developments when the next major update drops.