Epic Games respond to debate over nerfing Fortnite’s Heavy Sniper

Epic Games

Fortnite fans who may have got their hopes up for a potential nerf to the Heavy Sniper Rifle might not take kindly to what Epic Games have had to say about the situation.

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The Epic and Legendary variants of the Heavy Sniper Rifle are two of the most powerful weapons in the game, as they are able to dish out 150 and 157 damage with one single shot, respectively.

While some players have called to make the extremely powerful weapon less powerful, one fan’s response was answered by Epic Games.

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Epic GamesThe Heavy Sniper will still be able to cause incredible damage.

In a post to the Fortnite BR subreddit, user xbonesawx – who actually doesn’t want the weapon to be nerfed – issued a plea to the developer via the Fortnite BR subreddit to keep the sniper the way that it is. 

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The post proved to have a huge amount of support, receiving over 17,500 upvotes – sending it to the top of the page – and Epic decided to address the issue head-on. 

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Replying to the post, design lead for Fortnite’s battle royale mode Eric Williamson posted: “Although balance is always subject to change, we don’t currently have any plans to make changes to the Heavy Sniper Rifle.”

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The response, again, proved hugely popular as posters praised the post. “Thank you Eric. You are a godsend,” replied one fan. Another stated: “Thank god. It’s my favorite weapon in the game.”

However, for those players who had been holding out for a change to the gun, it isn’t particularly welcome news. 

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