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Epic Games further cracks down on Fortnite data miners

Published: 15/Nov/2018 23:20 Updated: 15/Nov/2018 23:21

by Wyatt Donigan


Content creators who specialize in Fortnite leaks will soon have a tough time doing so with Epic’s latest attempt to combat leaks.

Like clockwork, data miners get to work each week when Epic Game releases new updates for Fortnite Battle Royale in search of new challenges, skins, or anything else they can find.

Epic Games has previously issued mass bans for any data miners, but it looks as though they are now taking it a step further with a new method of combating leaks.

FNBRLeaks, one of the biggest Fortnite data mining sites around, took to Twitter on November 15 to let their followers know that they soon may not be able to make YouTube videos on leaked content.


The message they received asks them to “Please refrain from posting any content of Fortnite is that is not yet released to the public as doing so infringes upon on intellectual property rights and our End User License Agreement.”

While this seemingly doesn’t prevent FNBRLeaks from posting the leaks to their website, the move demonstrates that Epic Game is continuing to stay committed to trying to curb the existence of leaks as much as possible.

While skins and cosmetics are the main things that data miners look out for, they’ve also been known to leak details about upcoming in-game events and even vehicles or weapons.


Given the fact that the mystery of what comes next is the heart and soul of Fortnite, it’s not surprising to see Epic vigorously crack down on the existence of leaks.

This is likely not the last we’ll see on the matter as Epic will certainly continue doing all it can to protect the secrets of Fortnite.