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Fortnite pro player proves that Turbo Building is broken in Fortnite

Published: 20/Nov/2018 21:37 Updated: 20/Nov/2018 23:25

by Albert Petrosyan


Turbo Building can be an extremely convenient mechanic to take advantage of in Fortnite, but its bugginess can also prove to be a major liability.

Turbo Building is a feature that allows players to rapidly place multiples structures, such as walls, ramps, and roofs, without having to individually initiate the building of each one.

However, many players, including 100 Thieves pro Sir Dimetrious (SirD), have publicly complained that the mechanic is faulty and does not always build structures where the player intends it to.

This issues can obviously be lethal, since structures are often the difference between a player’s life and death during in-game engagements.


To demonstrate that Turbo Building is broken, SirD took to social media to post two videos, one of which is an experiment he conducted in the Playground mode.

The video below shows him having a hard time placing a wall and ramp right after shooting his shotgun, all while Turbo Building is enabled.

He then turns off the feature and uses a macro in his mouse software to place builds at the same rate as with Turbo Builds, and the ramp-wall structure is perfectly built each time. 

The second video he tweeted shows him having a similar issue while engaged in a gunfight with an enemy player. The video clearly shows SirD trying to place two walls angled with each other, but only one gets built. 


As a result, his opponent is able to shoot through the empty space and eliminate him, all because the build that was supposed to be placed didn’t. 

This is clearly an alarming issue with a mechanic that is so widely used among the vast Fortnite player-base, and some, including SirD, are considering ditching it for manual building.

“I played a bit tonight without Turbo on and click for each build placement, felt smoother than using Turbo Build,” he tweeted. “Placed my builds quicker following a shotgun shot this way.”