How to watch EA Play: FIFA 21 & Star Wars reveal, start time, more

David Purcell
FIFA 21 logo for EA Play press conference

[jwplayer TRypAySt]EA are on the cusp of showing off a brand new FIFA 21 reveal trailer, dropping details on a leaked Star Wars game, and potentially even more during their next EA Play event in 2020. So, here’s everything you need to know about when it starts and what could be included. 

Gamers all around the world, no matter the hour, will be interested in what the developers have got to show off during the online press conference. After all, this is usually when the E3 trade fair would take place – a showcase for many of EA’s most famous trailers in previous years.

However, with the current global situation in mind, they decided to go completely online this time around. While this might not sound like a very exciting route for the gaming world, Sony set the bar high with their crafted package to reveal the PS5 earlier in the month, and fans will be hoping EA go one better.

When does EA Play start?

Virgil van Dijk with FIFA 21 logo
FIFA 21 looks set to be the center of attention at EA Play on June 18.

Those looking to tune in for this year’s online EA Play can do so on June 18, which is a little later than first planned – following a delay. Originally, it was set to begin a week before that.

Of course, the startup time will depend on where about you’re based – but we’ve got you covered. EA Play is set to start up at 4pm (PT), 7pm (ET), 12am (BST, June 19), 1am (CEST, June 19), and 9am (AEST, June 19).

How to watch EA Play

Watching along can be made possible right here, inside this article, as we’ve embedded the official EA Twitch channel below. As soon as the start time comes around on June 18, the stream will get underway.

What games will be revealed at EA Play?


We can already feel the excitement from FIFA players about potentially seeing the first FIFA 21 trailer, especially considering that they have reached that point with FIFA 20 where it’s starting to get a bit repetitive.

With the next installment in the series expected to launch later this year in September, all eyes will be on EA Play to see what happens on that front. If their most recent tweets are anything to go off, it looks certain to happen. A new logo has even been rolled out, as seen below, featuring a fresh font.

Star Wars Squadrons

Another game, which some might not have seen coming until it leaked a few days prior, is Star Wars Squadrons.

The fresh project got a brand new trailer on June 15, seen below, and a deeper dive into gameplay has been confirmed for when EA Play comes around.

If you want to read more about Squadrons, here’s everything we know so far. 

Apex Legends

Players of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends game will be hoping for more content, where the battle royale title is concerned.

It was given a major shakeup with Season 5, which launched back on May 12, with the addition of Loba. In-game events aren’t out of the question, though, and for all we know another trailer might be revealed for something coming up soon.

Apex Legends fans have been demanding Respawn add crossplay since the game launched in early 2019.
Apex Legends have been wanting cross-play for a while now. Who knows, EA Play might be the time to make the announcement.

Madden 21

On June 17, EA revealed a brand new Madden 21 trailer and have since confirmed even more of the game will be shown at EA Play. Lamar Jackson, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, was also revealed as the cover star.

So, watch this space where this game is concerned. More news is coming soon.

Need for Speed

If you’re looking forward to more Need for Speed content, this presser might be exactly what you need to tune into.

A few games have recently been added to Steam, from the franchise, and drivers will be hoping a fresh title will be revealed during the conference as well. In fact, a recent press release from the developers did suggest as much.

It stated: “Another step to connect our players and games on more platforms is the recent release of Need for Speed Heat on Steam, alongside 2016’s Need for Speed and Need for Speed Rivals. Keep an eye out at EA PLAY Live on June 18 for more Need for Speed and Steam announcements. Cross-play will work across PC via Origin and Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and subscribers.”

EA's Need for Speed game
Is a new Need for Speed game in the works? We’ll have to wait and see.

Aside from those big hitters, there’s always the possibility that the developers will show off some surprise picks as well. Let’s face it, they’re not short of game franchises, so it should be interesting to see what unfolds.

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