Fall Guys dev confirms they’re working on hacking problem

Fall Guys hacking cheater fix headerMediatonic

A Fall Guys’ dev has confirmed that they’re working on ways to combat hackers and cheaters, who have been becoming more and more common since the game was released.

Fall Guys’ colorful take on the battle royale genre is uniquely refreshing and players from around the world have been busy competing in its deceptively challenging mini-games.

As with any game that becomes popular though, it’s seen an influx of hackers and cheaters as of late that, for one reason or another, don’t feel like playing by the same rules as everyone else.

The different types of hacks vary, from speed hacks that make your character breeze through the course in a flash, to invisible walls that prevent other players from touching or grabbing the hacker.

Obviously it’s beyond frustrating to be put in a match with a cheater, who you usually have no hope of beating under normal circumstances. But devs have said they’ll finally be coming to the rescue with a system to combat exploits in a future update.

In response to a Reddit thread on the next upcoming Fall Guys update, one dev assured players that they were working on ways to combat cheaters that would be introduced soon, but didn’t want to get into specifics and give cheat makers a heads up, so they know what’s coming.

“We’re working on it and putting out hacker exploit fixes too,” Mediatonic dev FallGuysJoe replied. “With these however it’s better for us to not announce specifics and as it just tips them off to start looking for workarounds.”

As we mentioned earlier, Fall Guys has already seen crazy success and popularity with its simple, but at the same time challenging take on the battle royale genre. But, like other games before it, it now has to deal with the influx of cheaters and people who take advantage of exploits to get ahead.

Fall Guys is one of the last games you expect to see hackers in, but this just goes to show they can pop up in any and every online multiplayer game.

Hopefully, whatever devs do to combat them does a good enough job that we’ll only have to worry about the game’s usual perils and pitfalls than characters displaying godlike abilities.