Christian Horner investigation by Red Bull has new timeline

Liam Corless
Horner has been Red Bull's team principal since 2005

A decision on Christian Horner’s future at Red Bull is not expected to be taken on Friday, according to Sky Sports.

Horner, F1’s longest serving team principal, was scheduled to meet an independent lawyer in London to address allegations of inappropriate behaviour which came to light on Monday.

Red Bull quickly acknowledged the seriousness of the allegations against Horner, and an independent investigation was launched.

The nature of the complaint has not been officially confirmed, but it is widely reported that the claims relate to an allegation of controlling and potentially coercive behaviour.

Horner, who has been in his post since 2019, strongly denies all claims against him.

Sky Sports’ F1 expert Craig Slater told the channel he does not expect a decision to be made on Horner’s future on Friday.

“I have been guided away from expecting an outcome to this investigation today,” Slater said.

“I think you’re right not to call it a hearing which is what it’s been mostly described as. I think this is more of a meeting and an interview by the investigators with Christian Horner which will be, as I understand it, in a central London location today rather than at the team’s headquarters in Milton Keynes. So I’m not expecting an outcome today.

“Clearly [it is] a very significant day. We know that Red Bull are taking this investigation very seriously. There’s an allegation of inappropriate behaviour by Christian Horner by a female member of staff and I understand that relates to controlling and potentially coercive behaviour.

“That’s what we’re looking at here in terms of what Christian Horner is being accused of. He has emphatically denied the allegations and is going to work to clear his name but this could be the first step, I’ve been led to understand, in a process which could go on for a while.”

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