Top 10 Moments from CDL Stage 1 Major: Simp & aBeZy destroy

Ava Thompson-Powell
Top 10 CDL Stage 1 Major

2021’s first CDL Major certainly lived up to the hype, with Atlanta FaZe showcasing tip-top performance after carrying over their momentum from an impeccable Group Stage & Super Week.

Coming out on top and taking home the lion’s share of $500,000, FaZe took down both LA Guerrillas and Dallas Empire, with the latter being thrashed 8-2 between the Winners Final and the Grand Final.

Though many dreams of a win were ultimately quashed, plenty of players turned up the heat and showcased their incredible talent as they clawed their way through the ranks hoping for the crown.

Players like Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell proved just who they really were against New York Subliners, closing the map with a whopping total of 35 kills. It wasn’t all down and out for NYSL, though, as Conor ‘Diamondcon’ Johst proved himself time and time again in a reverse sweep against Florida Mutineers.

Of course, Tyler ‘ABeZy’ Pharris shone in Search & Destroy, obliterating all four of Empire’s team to secure a map point during the winner’s final with incredible ease. Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr also prevented Empire from any hopes of redemption in the best of 9 Grand Final, showcasing a phenomenal 12-kill S&D, which bagged Atlanta FaZe their first major win.

To find out where all the players rank on our list, be sure to check out the full video above.

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