Zoie Burgher’s Luxe Gaming Organization is Making a Comeback

Luxe Gaming has announced it is relaunching, just three months after it initially dissolved.

Created by controversial YouTuber Zoie Burgher in 2016, Luxe saw a number of female personalities move into a Californian mansion in 2017, make gaming content and share vlogs around their lives there.

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The all-female company originally labelled itself as being a mix of a gaming team, media brand and talent agency, and went on to create a reality TV show about the girls living in the Luxe House.

It wasn’t to be though, as the TV show didn’t receive great feedback or get the traction the organization had hoped for, and Zoie announced it would be disbanding in April of this year, after it had just hurt her and her friends.

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Despite the short time period, it looks like Zoie, at least, is interested in giving Luxe Gaming another chance at success, announcing it’s revival on Twitter.

Perhaps she’s learnt from her previous attempt, as it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be entirely the same organization. 

It would in fact be the third time the brand has relaunched, after it’s initial set of stars from 2016 left after disagreements with Zoie’s management style, before the second group were recruited in 2017.

It looks like Luxe has been busy planning the relaunch and is set to be a more positive space going forwards, which shouldn’t be too surprising after Zoie attributed some of its previous failures to the hatred and negativity she received in response to the company.

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Though none of the previous personalities associated with Luxe Gaming have said whether they’ll be returning, you won’t have to wait long to find out who’s involved, as creator spotlights will be coming this week.