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Esports Awards 2019: Streamer of the Year finalists revealed and new location announced

Published: 10/Jul/2019 22:45 Updated: 11/Jul/2019 1:51

by Calum Patterson


The annual Esports Awards are back for 2019, but with some big changes afoot, moving from their previous venue in London across to Texas, USA, where they will present awards for the best in esports competition and industry.

Partnering with Esports Stadium Arlington, a new 100,000 square feet, purpose built esports venue, the Esports Awards will now be welcoming fans to attend the ceremony on November 16, with general admission tickets to be available.


The 2019 event will be the fourth annual iteration of the Esports Awards, widely regarded as the most prestigious in the world of esports, recognizing the biggest and best in players, streamers, organizations, on-screen talent, journalism and more.

The purpose-built Esports Stadium in Arlington will play host to the Esports Awards 2019.

The top professional players in both PC and console esports will be vying for the trophies, as well as big name streamers and on-air talent, with categories for the best in the world of gaming entertainment also handed out.


All previous years have been held in London, with mostly nominees and industry-folk filling the seats, but the move to the Arlington Stadium will facilitate a grander affair, with fans now cheering on the winners.

Streamer of the Year nominees

The first finalists have been announced on July 10, for the Streamer of the Year category:

  • Tfue 
  • Dr Disrespect 
  • CouRage
  • Ninja 
  • Alanzoka
  • Gotaga
  • TimTheTatman
  • Pokimane
  • Shroud

Esports Personality of the Year nominees

  • Nadeshot
  • Sjokz
  • Goldenboy
  • DrLupo
  • FalleN
  • Steve Arhancet
  • Ninja
  • Ocelote
  • H3CZ

You can vote for your favorite here.


Content Creator of the year

  • CouRage
  • Mini Ladd
  • LazarBeam
  • Ali-A
  • Thorin
  • Terroriser
  • FaZe Jev
  • UpUpDownDown
  • SunlessKhan
  • Travis Gafford
  • Nadeshot

Videographer of the Year

  • Matt “Mawcho” Reyez
  • Cory Doggett
  • Gabriel Ruiz
  • Johannes Lehner
  • Damian Estrada
  • Robert Rogers
  • Max Olivo
  • Charles Dalton
  • Logan Dodson

Esport photographer of the year

  • Helena Kristiansson
  • Joe Brady
  • Joao Ferreira
  • Kirill Bashkirov
  • Michal Konkol
  • Peter Chau
  • Chris Bahn
  • Steph Lindgren
  • Nuno Miranda

Esports breakthrough game of the year

  • Apex Legends
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Old School Runescape
  • Guns of Boom
  • Brawl Stars
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • FIFA 19
  • NBA 2K19
  • Battalion 1944

Esports cosplayer of the year

  • Sneaky
  • Jessica Nigri
  • Kitty Kaboom
  • LittleJem
  • Maul
  • Kinpatsu
  • Spoon Makes
  • Willow Creative
  • Anaelic
  • Polygon Forge
  • Yaya Han

Jonathon Oudthone, President of Esports Stadium Arlington, said they aim to be the most prestigious stadium in all of esports, and “hosting the most prestigious esports awards show on the planet” is part of that goal.

Esports Awards say the partnership and new venue is a “big step forward”, and have secured a number of other partnerships, including Secret Lab Chairs, The Koyo Store and Touch of Ginger, who will sponsor individual award categories.


Many of the big name players and streamers nominated will travel to the event, although in previous years with travelling to London sometimes tricky, some have missed out. Now moving to the US, where a large number of nominees typically reside, hopefully none of the potential winners will miss out on the occasion.

Returning hosts Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoorte and Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez have confirmed they will be back to host the 2019 show too.


How does the Esports Awards work?

As with previous years, fans can get involved with the process by nominating individuals, teams, websites and sponsors for the different categories. While the community awards are now closed, the ‘Pro’ and ‘Industry’ categories are still open, so you can nominate your favorites.

Once a selection of nominees are picked, fans select from the finalists to select the winning nominees for a myriad of categories. Previous award winners include the likes of CoD pro Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect.

The best in the business will be recognized again this year, on November 16.


Andbox wins NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational: final results

Published: 19/Oct/2020 1:40 Updated: 19/Oct/2020 1:45

by Andrew Amos


Nerd Street Gamers partnered up with Renegades to put on a Valorant Invitational tournament that featured 16 of the best North American teams. With $10,000 up for grabs, there was more than just pride on the line.

Waiting for First Strike and need a healthy dose of competitive Valorant action? The NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational was full of insane highlights and crazy results. It should be plenty to hold you over until the next Riot-backed event.


It was the first time fans of North American Valorant were able to see the new-look rosters after the Ignition Series shuffle.

The all-new T1 squad with DaZeD and Spyder made its debut, as well as Immortals after some of their stars took off to NRG and 100 Thieves.


For everything you need to know about the NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational, from who won, to where you can rewatch specific maps, we’ve got you covered.

NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational recap

Ahead of Riot’s First Strike event, this 10K Invitational gave us our first look at a number of overhauled rosters. Perhaps the most intriguing of all, was T1’s recently finalized lineup boasting Counter-Strike Veterans and one of the best aimers in Overwatch history. Their run could not have started any better.

They closed out both of their matchups in Group D without dropping a map. From here, it was straight onto the quarterfinals, though they couldn’t quite keep the momentum up on day two of the competition. Immortals came through with a swift 2-0 before advancing all the way through to the grand finals.


Ultimately, the final showdown in the Invitational put the Immortals roster against Andbox. Bind was the map in the series and it was over in a flash as Andbox cruised through to a  13-7 victory. Up next came Split as things were a little closer this time around.

While Immortals put up more rounds in this map, even taking things to overtime, it was still Andbox that secured the win and therefore, took home the trophy.

NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational results

Saturday, October 17

Group A

Round Match PT ET BST
Opening Round Gen.G 1 – 0 beastcoast 10am 1pm 6pm
Opening Round Immortals 1 – 0 Rise 10am 1pm 6pm
Winners’ Match Gen.G 2 – 1 Immortals 11am 2pm 7pm
Elimination Match beastcoast 1 – 0 Rise 11am 2pm 7pm
Decider Match Immortals 2 – 1 beastcoast 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm

Group B

Round Match PT ET BST
Opening Round Cloud9 0 – 1 Andbox 10am 1pm 6pm
Opening Round Equinox 0 – 1 Complexity 10am 1pm 6pm
Winners’ Match Andbox 2 – 0 Complexity 11am 2pm 7pm
Elimination Match Cloud9 1 – 0 Equinox 11am 2pm 7pm
Decider Match Complexity 0 – 2 Cloud9 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm

Group C

Round Match PT ET BST
Opening Round FaZe 1 – 0 Mamba Mode 10am 1pm 6pm
Opening Round Luminosity 0 – 1 Spacestation 10am 1pm 6pm
Winners’ Match FaZe 2 – 1 Spacestation 11am 2pm 7pm
Elimination Match Mamba Mode 1 – 0 Luminosity 11am 2pm 7pm
Decider Match Spacestation 0 – 2 Mamba Mode 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm

Group D

Round Match PT ET BST
Opening Round T1 1 – 0 Time In 10am 1pm 6pm
Opening Round Renegades 0 – 1 Moon Racoons 10am 1pm 6pm
Winners’ Match T1 2 – 0 Moon Racoons 11am 2pm 7pm
Elimination Match Time In 1 – 0 Renegades 11am 2pm 7pm
Decider Match Moon Raccons 2 – 0 Time In 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm

Sunday, October 18

Round Match PT ET BST
Quarter Final Gen.G 0 – 2 Moon Racoons 10am 1pm 6pm
Quarter Final Andbox 2 – 0 Mamba Mode 10am 1pm 6pm
Quarter Final FaZe 0 – 2 Cloud9 10am 1pm 6pm
Quarter Final T1 0 – 2 Immortals 10am 1pm 6pm
Semi Final Moon Racoons 1 – 2 Andbox 12:30pm 3:30pm 8:30pm
Semi Final Cloud 9 1 – 2 Immortals 12:30pm 3:30pm 8:30pm
Grand Final Andbox 2 – 0 Immortals 3pm 6pm 11pm

NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational final placements

Placing Team Prize Money (USD)
1 Andbox $6,000
2 Immortals $3,000
3-4 Cloud 9 $1,000
3-4 Moon Racoons
5-8 Gen.G Esports
5-8 Mamba Mode Gaming
5-8 FaZe Clan
5-8 T1
9-12 beastcoast
9-12 Complexity
9-12 Spacestation
9-12 Time In
13-16 Rise
13-16 Equinox
13-16 Luminosity
13-16 Renegades

NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational stream

The NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational was streamed on the Nerd Street Gamers Twitch account. The action kicked off at 10am PT / 1pm ET on both October 17 and 18. We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience.


NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational teams

The NSG x Renegades Valorant Invitational featured some of North America’s best talent. The stacked T1 roster, Cloud9, Gen.G, FaZe Clan, and Immortals were the definite headliners. Renegades, of course, sent their own squad as well.


There was also some rising stars that looked to disrupt the power rankings. Andbox and Spacestation Gaming made it through the open qualifiers, while Luminosity looked to build on a solid run against the best of the best.

Team Players
Renegades retrQ, Cp2, Winsum, randyySavage, Berghy
Immortals Genghsta, jcStani, Jmoh, neptune, ShoT_UP
Cloud9 TenZ, Relyks, mitch, shinobi, vice
FaZe Clan corey, ZachaREEE, Marved, babybay, Rawkus
Luminosity Gaming thief, aproto, Venerated, Ksiaze, stellar
Rise riku, Spirit, ChurmZ, anger, Ange
Gen.G effys, gMd, huynh, MkaeL, PLAYER1
Equinox Esports DXN, Dcop, Paincakes, cute fat boy, mina
Complexity ohai, agm, Xp3, sharky, JonahP
Mamba Mode Gaming chase, zecK, Critical, Osias, TBD
T1 brax, AZK, Skadoodle, DaZeD, Spyder
Spacestation Gaming kaplan, roca, sSef, insky, Boostio
beastcoast Elevate, jammyz, TiGG, bdog, YaBoiDre
Moon Racoons Rebo, Temperature, Fiend, aleksandar, Shawn12590
Andbox ANDROID, yay, b0i, seb, POACH
Time In Ninja, Kurt, Morg, Grego, Dani

While this tournament may be over, be on the lookout for plenty of top-level Valorant action coming up soon. Riot’s First Strike event is right around the corner.