Dr DisRespect has a problem with the word ‘esports’

Dr DisRespect has an issue with the word ‘esports’ and wants to find a better phrase to describe the competitive scene.

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The two-time Blockbuster Gaming champion has never been someone that holds anything back when it comes to his opinion. He always gives his opinion to his viewers and followers, whether it be unpopular or not and this time is no different.

This time, however, the Doc doesn’t have an issue with a game or a game developer. He’s taken issue with the word ‘esports.’

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During his November 28 stream, the Doc received a $50 donation from Twitch user Marco who tells him to move to Texas for better internet and so he can dominate opponents in the newly opened esports arena in Arlington.

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The two-time responds: “I think esports, the word and just the way esports looks makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know why. Esports? That’s the word we decided to go with? That’s accepted? Esports?”

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He adds that he wants to start a campaign to start over and find a different word, something that is organically grown to describe the space. “esports? I’m not sold man,” he further states.

The Doc added to his annoyance on Twitter, tweeting on November 29: “I can’t stand the word ‘esports’. This can’t be the word we all agreed upon. Sounds lazy. Sounds manufactured. There has to be something better than ‘esports’. I hate saying it and I hate looking at it. It’s ugly.”

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However, the two-time has yet to offer a resolution to his issue. “I’m not saying I have the solution or what that name could be,” Doc said, during his stream on the 28th. “I just hateeeee esports.”