Summit1g loses it after worst lag ever ruins Tarkov match with shroud

Twitch: summit1g/Mixer: shroud

Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar completely lost his cool with tactical-survival shooter Escape from Tarkov, as a horrendous lag spike saw him eliminated in a fight he clearly should have won. 

Despite releasing the beta nearly four years ago, Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov has experienced a new lease of life on streaming platforms, as a host of the world’s biggest entertainers flock to the tactical FPS.

Among the streamers who have transitioned over is summit1g, who has been one of the streamers of the decade – thanks to his versatility and willingness to play whatever titles his viewers want to see.

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Summit1g streaming on TwitchSummit1g, Twitch
Summit is known for jumping between popular titles and maintaining a high gameplay standard.

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Despite Tarkov’s popularity, it is not immune to server issues and lag, something which became clear on January 31 during Lazar’s Twitch stream with shroud. 

The 32-year-old pushed into a narrow corridor and was quickly faced down by an enemy. The gunfight got off to a good start for summit, who promptly found the opponent with his crosshairs.

However, as he was about to get the headshot and win the gunfight, the game freezes for almost a whole second, and resumes with summit eliminated. Understandably, this doesn’t go down too well with the streaming veteran. 

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“Oh I f**king chugged [lagged],” summit screamed. “No way! He was dead! Dude, I had this guy so dead.” 

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“I fat chugged bro,” he continued, trying to explain the situation to shroud. “I had his head tapped. He was tapped. I had like 18 shots to tap him with, and [it] full-second chugged.” 

The two speculated whether the opponent was cheating, but it wasn’t particularly clear, especially given the absence of killcams in Escape from Tarkov.

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“With the way he just killed me – he was full blind, and just snapped on my head,” shroud explained. Regardless, summit knows that if it wasn’t for the very unfortunate lag spike, he had the enemy dead to rights, cheater or not.

Shroud actually thought the laggy server may have also worked in their favor at other times, possibly saving their lives in an earlier gunfight. While the game is still technically in beta, issues like these are to be expected, but the timing on this one couldn’t have been worse.

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