All Escape from Tarkov maps and extraction points guide

Battlestate Games

Getting around in Escape from Tarkov can be difficult, especially since the in-game maps take so long to get. However, we’ve made things easier with a collection of every map and its extraction points.

Everyone seems to be playing Battlestate Games’ tactical shooter at the moment. It’s also blowing up on Twitch thanks to in-game drops for viewers. Surprisingly, the game has actually been out for quite some time as the Alpha was released in 2016.

If your favorite streamer has inspired you to give EFT a go, you may find it a little daunting. Players are dropped in a random part of a level and expected to find a way out with no in-game map. 

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This proves tricky for many as they have to search online for resources. This can be difficult, especially when trying out multiple maps which all receive updates regularly. So, we have put together every up-to-date map and its extraction points to help you on your way.

Interchange map and extraction points

Battlestate Games / LorathorEscape from Tarkov’s Interchange is mainly one massive shopping center.

Interchange is one of the biggest EFT maps, hosting up to 14 players on its three-story shopping complex. With so many layers to it, as well as an additional outside area, it’s a place where players can easily get lost.

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However, there is some good news. There are only three extraction points, and they’re all outside, so the real trick is finding a way out of the shopping center.

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The map may be tricky to handle at first. If you’re just looking for a way out, simply exit the shopping complex through the north or south exits and head to your nearest extraction point. Just keep in mind that if you’re heading for the Power Plant, you need 3000 Rubbles and your PMC.

Customs map and extraction points

Battlestate Games / Maksen / Nuux9Customs is a fan-favorite Escape from Tarkov map.

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One of the most popular Tarkov maps is Customs. Many players think it’s the game’s iconic level. It’s not quite as big as Interchange but features a large number of objectives, extraction points, and a ton of loot.

Generally, players will spawn on one side of the map and their available exits will be on the other. While this may seem difficult, the map has so many points of interest that it’s straightforward to figure out where you’ve spawned and where to go.

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Factory map and extraction points

Battlestate Games / AlfarkiFactory is a small and hectic map.

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The smallest Escape from Tarkov map is Factory. It houses a maximum of six players and only a few small, dark rooms.

This map is considered best for fast-paced games as it’s easy to run into an AI character or other players. This is largely thanks to its underground tunnels and high-ground vantage points.

Getting out is simple, though. Two of the three exits are marked by giant exit doors, while the slightly harder-to-find extraction point is in the relative safety of the tunnels.

Woods map and extraction points

Battlestate Games / enxyoWoods is a rather large Escape from Tarkov map, featuring one main hot-spot.

The main points of interest in Woods lay in the middle of the map, which is surrounded by a forest. However, the majority of extraction points are on the outskirts.

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It’s a fairly big map that requires a lot of running, thus making it less popular than others. However, it does have plenty of exits that can be found just by running on the edge of the map.

Reserve map and extraction points

Battlestate games / CraytoxYou’ll find a lot of activity in Reserve, a military base with a unique mechanic.

Reserve is one of the newest maps in Escape from Tarkov. It’s a military base with a train station bang in the middle of it, and it’s also home to a load of loot.

The map also features a unique design as after 25 to 35 minutes a train will arrive a the station. This arrival gives players another exit as well as a boss to battle.

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Overall, the map’s fairly balanced with a good amount of extraction points dotted around. There’s not too much dead space, so you’ll probably always be doing something.

Shoreline map and extraction points

Battlestate games / MaksenShoreline is a large map where the exits are mostly on the outskirts and the loot is in the center.

Another massive map in Shoreline. Although it might sound like you’ll be shooting on the beach, it’s largely based in the forest. Here, you’ll find just about everything from small villages to cell towers and a huge health resort. There is plenty of loot, but you’ll have to keep running to survive.

The majority of the exits on Shoreline are on the outskirts of the map. If all goes wrong, you can always run around the border and hope to stumble upon an extraction point. However, with the map being so big, this can take some time. It might be best to study the map beforehand.

The Lab map and extraction points

Battlestate games / LogiwonkEscape from Tarkov’s The Lab is incredibly complex.

The Lab is possibly the most confusing Escape from Tarkov map. Not only do you need to obtain a Key card to get in, but every extraction point also requires a certain task to be completed before it can be used.

Even the most experienced players tend to stay away from this multi-level maze. Looking at the map may just leave you more confused than when you started. If you do wish to try and navigate it, your best bet is to just scout out all of your possible exits and see if one is already activated. If not, follow the yellow lines on the map above. 

These are all the maps currently available in Escape from Tarkov. However, there are more to come, with Town being the next in line, so we’ll be sure to update you with the map and its extraction points once it’s released.