Escape From Tarkov Jan 26 patch notes: All weapons recoil reduced & stamina changes

Escape From Tarkov patch notesBattlestate Games

Escape From Tarkov’s January 26 patch notes have introduced major changes including recoil reduction across every weapon, reduced stamina penalties, and increased weight limits.

Escape From Tarkov is an immensely competitive FPS and the dedicated player base spends countless hours refining their gun skill and mechanics.

As a result, balance patches can have a huge impact on the meta, especially if they change how each of the weapons perform.

Well, the January 26 update has introduced a list of significant changes that directly impact every single gun in the game.

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Not only that, the patch has altered stamina consumption, weight limits, armored rigs, and body armor.

Escape From Tarkov weapon recoil reductionBattlestate Games
Escape From Tarkov’s January 26 update has introduced major balance changes.

Escape From Tarkov January 26 patch notes

On January 26 Battlestate Games took to Twitter and announced a balance patch that will affect all the gun’s in Escape From Tarkov.

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The most significant update is the reduction in recoil for all weapons in the arsenal, which will make it a lot easier for players to land shots on their opponents.

You can check out the full January 26 patch noted below:

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  • Reduced the recoil angle for all weapons.
  • Reduced the stamina penalty when hit by any type of ammo.
  • Increased the weight limit while overweight.
  • Reduced stamina consumption in various cases, decreased energy and water consumption in raids.
  • Greatly reduced penalties from armored rigs and body armor.

The reaction to the changes has been extremely positive with a lot of players thanking Battlestate for “listening to the community” and congratulating them on the “big W”.

It’ll be interesting to see how these changes impact the meta and how much easier the weapons are to use now the recoil reduction has been added.

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