xQc Explains in Typical Fashion How to Play Season 11 of Overwatch

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel explained how players must prepare for playing in Overwatch’s 11th competitive season.

After frustration with the performance of his teammates, xQc unveiled the “Season 11 Starter Pack.”

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Those expecting real advice from the former pro will be disappointed, as his starter pack is a parody of the DPS only solo players found throughout Overwatch.

His “Season 11 Starter Pack” settings are as follows:

  1. Career Profile Visibility – Private
  2. Turn off Voice coms and text
  3. Max color blind settings
  4. Invert controls
  5. Play DPS
  6. Type “I have all golds” after something happens

Most importantly, you need to quit your match early before anyone gets to respond to your golds comment.

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xQc was a main tank for Dallas Fuel of the Overwatch League, before getting kicked out for inappropriate behavior outside of the game.

The ban has not slowed down his popularity however, with almost 10,000 subscribers and over 22 million views on Twitch.

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If you want to start practicing your DPS solo-queue skills in Overwatch, check out xQc’s guide below.

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