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Tyler1 mocks streamers who complain about their job being difficult

Published: 5/Mar/2019 16:40 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 16:55

by Matt Porter


Popular Twitch personality Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp has taken aim at fellow streamers who complain about their job being difficult.

Tyler1 is one of Twitch’s most popular stars, regularly pulling in thousands of viewers as he entertains his audience with his antics.

While many of Twitch’s top streamers play a variety of different games, Steinkamp has always been loyal to one game, League of Legends, and sticks to the battle arena game exclusively on his channel.

tyler1Tyler1 exclusively streams League of Legends on his channel.

Tyler1 continues to see success on Twitch, and on his Monday, February 4 stream, took aim at fellow streamers who make comments about the difficulty they find being a full-time content producer on the site.


Many cite long working hours and the challenge of actively engaging their audience while playing a game as a source of struggle. Steinkamp seems to have little sympathy for those who find it tough though, pretending to cry as he mocked those who complain.

“My life fucking blows dude,” said Steinkamp. “I have to play video games five days a week man. Then, people give me money, and I have to read the message they give with the money. I hate my life!”

While Tyler1 seems set to remain as a League of Legends streamer, fans and even other creators on the platform would enjoying seeing the American branch out to other games, including Dr Disrespect who stated he would love to see Steinkamp venture out to other games.


Whether he chooses to or not remains to be seen, but it’s certain that Steinkamp won’t be pressured into doing anything he isn’t interested in.