Twitch stars Esfand, Xocliw, more targeted in airsoft drive-by at TwitchCon 2022

esfand and others drinking at twitchcon 2022Twitch: EsfandTV

After TwitchCon 2022 concluded, streamers heading out on the town in Amsterdam including Esfand, Xocliw, and more were victims of a drive-by airsoft shooting while attempting to enjoy some drinks.

TwitchCon 2022 was the first big convention for streamers in the last three years with a return to big group settings across the world.

However it hasn’t ended amazingly for some after a group of streamers attempting to enjoy a night out after the event were targeted in a drive-by airsoft shooting.

Prior to the shooting, the group exchange awkward small talk over some drinks. They discuss drinking games, share stories, and bond over each others’ company — but the night vibes are shattered by gun shots.

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Esfand, one of the streamers nearby, turns around after hearing the shots, alarmed and alert. Though not seen on his stream a motorbike drives by with airsoft guns aimed, which another clip captures.

Some of the streamers were hit, with one claiming it “it literally just hit my butt.” Though nobody was hurt in this literal stream snipe, the severity and danger of the situation shouldn’t be understated.

Some members of the social gathering attempted to laugh it off by making jokes — but the reaction of the rest of the group made it clear this situation wasn’t to be taken lightly.

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When discussing what exactly occurred after, the group of friends quickly ponder the options available. They ask each other if anyone knows any locals, while pondering calling the police. But they realize the situation didn’t seem severe enough on paper to warrant such actions.

They conclude leaving the bar as the best decision. Clearly the stream snipers knew where the bar was, and the group simply didn’t feel safe anymore.