Summit1G Has Flashbacks to Molotov CS:GO Incident While Playing The Last of Us

Streamer Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar has a very famous history of dying to molotovs in video games, and even when playing Last of Us was not safe from his curse.

Summit1G’s death by self-inflicted and avoidable molotov damage is know so well known in gaming circles that it is actually called a ‘1G’ whenever any other streamer or professional player suffers the same fate.

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The origins of the now popular joke, which has become a meme of sorts, dates way back to Summit’s playing career as a semi-professional Counter-Strike player.

Molotovs are particularly deadly in CS:GO, and Summit is certainly not the first to have died at the hands fireball inadvertently – but it was the manner in which he did that made it catch on.

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During the DreamHack Austin Open in 2016, Summit’s Splyce team were on map point against CLG, and after killing the final opponent all he had left to do was defuse the bomb to win the map.

But as he approached the bomb site, he failed to notice the fire right in front of him, walking directly through it and dying. His team went on to lose the map and the series.

Despite no longer playing professional CS, his curse still seems to follow him as a full time streamer, with his latest episode coming on critically acclaimed ‘The Last of Us’.

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Summit’s stream chat immediately lit up, spamming his ‘sumMolly’ emote, a subscriber emote made in homage to his apparent complete inability to be safe around molotovs in games.

If you have never seen the original and best ‘1G’ moment, you are in for a treat.