Minecraft YouTuber Ranboo’s “eye reveal” has fans going wild

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Minecraft YouTuber Ranboo has caused his fanbase to go wild, as the normally secretive creator shared a personal revelation on his celebratory stream with an “eye reveal.”

While it might be rewarding to entertain legions of fans, YouTube can be daunting when it comes to keeping a shred of privacy.

American Minecraft creator Ranboo has chosen to keep his face mostly hidden from fans over the course of his career so far, wearing a mask and sunglasses.

Nonetheless, Ranboo has fans going absolutely wild with praise following his National Ranboo Day 1 year anniversary stream, after sharing an insight into his identity.

Ranboo YouTube
Ranboo is primarily known for his Minecraft content.

Ranboo’s eye reveal has fans going wild

For Ranboo fans, the 26 day of the month is a special time – as they celebrate National Ranboo Day. To celebrate one year of the momentous occasion, the creator went live on stream on November 26 to spend some quality with fans. However, just before wrapping things up, Ranboo briefly removed his signature shades to reveal his eyes to viewers.

Ranboo has spoken about his struggles with facial dysmorphia in the past, so this is an incredible moment to share with the world.

Fans have already started to show their support, noting this is a huge step for the creator. “I’m crying, I’m so proud of him for trusting us enough for him to make such a big milestone,” one fan said.

“I feel happy that he did an eye reveal. He must’ve been terrified about it” another fan commented, noting they might “join the fandom” as a result of this gesture.

His fanbase is more than aware of how important this is for the YouTuber: “I literally screamed when he did it. I’m so proud of him, he’s come so far.”

The Minecraft star has previously mentioned revealing his face at 5 million YouTube subscribers, but this will depend on how comfortable he feels.

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