Mikkaa slays God of War bosses with ease during Pringles® Can Hands challenge

Mikkaa God of WarPringles

Streamer Mikkaa took part in the Pringles® Can Hands challenge while playing God of War, proving that that not even a can of Pringles can stop Kratos.

#Ad Streamer QTCinderella popularized the Pringles® Can Hands challenge in November, when she set out to do a whole cooking stream with one hand in a Pringles can.

It wasn’t long before other streamers began experimenting with the Pringles® Can Hands challenge while gaming, endeavoring to beat games like Dark Souls one-handed.

Streamer MissMikkaa is known for her playthroughs of single-player games, particularly the Souls-like games, so it was no surprise that she got into the challenge as well.

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Mikkaa elected to take on God of War: Ragnarok during the challenge, though she felt confident going in thanks to her experience playing God of War with a dance pad and then Elden Ring with one hand before.

She got off to a strong start, despite the fact that she had loaded a save on the highest difficulty, but suffered a death and resolved to change her tactics.

“Let’s go with a heavy attack,” Mikkaa decided after the first death. By doing so, Mikkaa had a better chance to hit multiple enemies and inflict higher damage, but it also posed a huge problem.

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When she pressed the heavy attack button on her controller, she accidentally opened the menu, taking her out of the action.

Once she figured out how to parry, thanks to a helpful tip from a member of her chat, Mikkaa began mowing through the mythological enemies. In fact, she managed to take down The Huntress, a stalker boss, with minimal difficulty.

While many would argue that Mikkaa had the advantage of being able to play the game on PS5, which is much easier to play with one hand than keyboard and mouse, it just shows how good she is at God of War that she adjusted to beat the game with ease.

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So, fear not God of War players— If your hand gets stuck in a Pringles can during your next playthrough, there’s still plenty of hope you can beat that boss!

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