Magnus Carlsen roasts GM Hikaru over new chess cheating allegations

Michael Gwilliam
gm hikaru roasted by mangus carlsen on chess

Magnus Carlsen responded to a series of new cheating allegations levied against GM Hikaru after he set a new blitz chess rating record just days earlier.

The rivalry between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura took an interesting turn on November 21 after the Kick streamer was accused of cheating in his record-breaking record run.

In a cryptic message, Vladimir Kramnik seemingly took aim at Hikaru’s record by pointing to a player’s recent blitz chess statistics, raising concerns about cheating.

Although Hikaru called these claims “garbage,” Magnus Carlsen couldn’t help but poke fun at his friend and rival with a cryptic tweet.

Magnus Carlsen responds to Hikaru chess cheating allegations

On social media, Carlsen posted a screenshot of a chess match he was having with Hikaru where the streamer appeared to blunder his bishop to a pawn.

Nakamura ended up losing the game even though he was using the white pieces.

“Wins all these online events, yet doesn’t know how pawns capture? Interesting,” Carlsen captioned the tweet.

Hikaru had quite the witty comeback to this though, joking, “I know you don’t know how the knight moves, I was hoping you didn’t know how the pawn moves too!”

This is in reference to a stream Magnus Carlsen had with Andrea and Alexandra Botez on Twitch where he jokingly asked how the knight moves and it’s since become a bit of an inside joke in the chess community.

In any case, it doesn’t seem like Carlsen is taking the accusations against Hikaru seriously. The two are very vocal about stopping cheating in their game and notably banded together on allegations that Hans Niemann had cheated in matches.

Despite Niemann being cleared of any wrongdoing in over-the-board games, some viewers were convinced that he used an adult toy to cheat in order to best Carlsen at the Sinquefield Cup in 2022.

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