IRL streamer has hilarious message during Japanese TV interview

Michael Gwilliam

IRL Twitch streamer Robcdee had no idea he was going to be interviewed when he went for takeout at a restaurant in Tokyo, but didn’t waste an opportunity to joke around.

After getting off his bike and heading inside, the Australian streamer noticed that a television crew was inside with a cameraman and interviewer.

“Oh they’re doing [an interview],” Rob said before opening the door to the establishment.

Rob was not expecting to be on Japanese TV.

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After placing his order and being directed to wait at the counter, the reporter turned to the streamer and asked him if he would be down to conduct an interview for Japanese TV.

“My Japanese is not very good,” Rob claimed. “Is English okay?”

The reporter agreed, and Rob headed to the counter to wait for his meal while the camera crew got set up and finished talking with the restaurant’s staff.

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A few minutes later, it was finally time for the interview. “How many times do you come here a week?” the television host asked Rob.

“In one week? Two times a week,” he answered, before being asked about the ongoing global issues and how it’s impacting daily life. “It’s getting more dangerous so I do takeout.”

Once he explained he likes to eat at home, Rob decided to sneak in a quick plug for an infamous mobile game.

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“And uh, I like to play Raid: Shadow Legends while I eat,” Rob added.

Immediately, the streamer’s chat was spammed with LULs and “KEKs” from viewers, who found the plug on Japanese TV to be hilarious.

Raid: Shadow Legends, despite positive reviews, has become a bit of a joke with its aggressive marketing campaign with many YouTubers and content creators getting paid to advertise the game.

Rob wasn’t nervous at all.

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The fact that Rob took the opportunity to advertise the game on Japanese TV is quite amusing, but it’s unclear whether or not the interview ended up airing or if the ad was edited out.

In any case, the streamer handled himself fairly well in the interview even if he decided to joke around a bit during it.