Deji Alleges That He’s Being Sued Following Attack on Greg Paul in London

Deji ‘ComedyShortsGamer’ Olatunji has claimed that he is being sued following an incident which saw Greg Paul being attacked after the KSI Vs Logan Paul press conference on July 18.

Greg Paul is the father of Logan Paul, who is fighting KSI in a boxing match to be held at Manchester Arena on August 25. KSI’s brother Deji is taking on Logan’s younger sibling, Jake, on the same bill.

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The pre-fight press conference at London’s York Hall got out of hand when Greg Paul was punched in an incident that was captured on YouTube. Following this, a YouTuber called Izadi, who was at the event with the Pauls,  claimed that his cars were damaged and directed his annoyance at Deji, saying:

I’m coming after you for the damages and then I might just come after you, player.

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Now Deji has responded in a video of his own. In the 10 minute broadcast, he pointed to a previous video, which has since been banned by YouTube, in which he said:

Where [the Pauls] are from, you just get snitches. Where I’m from… we get those snitches, we kill them, take a picture of the dead body and put it on a shirt.

I don’t want you guys attacking [the Pauls], not yet anyway, let me do it first. August 25th.

YouTube took down the video after one day, but Deji believes this is the video the Pauls and Izadi are referring to in the allegations.

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Deji spent most of his video talking about Izadi, while refusing to mention his name.

I’m not going to say his name cause I don’t want to give this guy any ounce of clout. I’m disappointed in Jake and Logan Paul, even the Dad, that they would hang around with a guy like you. So addressing the lawsuit, Greg Paul, I’m sorry you got assaulted in England, but don’t attack fans.

For Deji’s full comments on the lawsuit situation, check out the video below.