Elden Ring fans obsessed with Bloodborne-inspired secret “Pizza Cutter” weapon

elden ring pizza cutter bloodborne weaponFromSoftware / Pixabay

A spiritual successor to Miyazaki’s earlier titles, Elden Ring seems to have not just taken inspiration from those games’ mechanics. Fans are delighted to discover that Bloodborne’s iconic “pizza cutter” has also made its way into the 2022 title.

Hidetaka Miyazaki directed action role-playing games like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne before partnering with George RR Martin on Elden Ring. While each title’s legacy likely played some role in the newest game, Bloodborne’s impact appears more tangible.

Back when the FromSoftware action RPG was released in 2015, players discovered a “Trick Weapon”: the Whirlgig Saw. Almost instantly, the weapon earned a cult of players who loved the “pizza cutter.”

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Seven years later, it seems that the legend of the pizza cutter has not been forgotten. Elden Ring players have discovered that the new Miyazaki title has a very similar weapon and it is as satisfying as ever.

Elden Ring players discover Bloodborne’s “Pizza Cutter” weapon

In a tweet that’s since made its way across the internet, someone shows the newest pizza cutter in action. The original tweet was in Japanese and is translated by Google to read “the stupid weapon of this work has been decided. It’s too good.”

Little did that original poster know, this is not just any “stupid weapon.” As ‘SkeleMann’ explained, “and you thought Bloodborne had a pizza cutter? Watch this.”

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In the replies, people are already all about this circular saw of destruction. There’s a number of tweets, spanning comments like “I need it” and “holy f**k” to an impassioned “oh god. Yes. That’s the stuff.”

How to get Ghiza’s Wheel (aka Pizza Cutter) in Elden Ring

Technically classified as a “Colossal Weapon,” this new pizza cutter is called “Ghiza’s Wheel” in-game and it is relatively easy to obtain despite its location formerly being a secret. 

  1. Go to Volcano Manor
  2. Kill the invader, Inquisitor Ghiza

After defeating the Inquisitor, you will be able to pick up Ghiza’s Wheel. At that point, you simply need to focus on your strength and dexterity to take advantage of the pizza cutter’s prowess.

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