Emotional OG player N0TAIL dedicates TI9 Grand Finals to recently passed pet

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During an interview on Saturday, August 24, N0tail revealed just how much it meant for him to be back in the Finals and why this year has been especially emotional for him.

This one’s for you boy

During the interview, N0tail admitted he still had a hard time comprehending that his team would be in the Grand Finals for the second year in a row.

“It’s fucking wild, it’s crazy, it’s still sinking in very much,” the OG captain admitted. “Before this tournament, things were a bit dark – my dog had died, it was really rough for a couple of weeks, my self-esteem was pretty low, and now we’re here.”

Red BullN0tail got choked up after talking about his recently departed dog.

“You know honestly, I dedicate this tournament to him,” N0tail said. “But really, thank you Sebastian (Ceb), and of course everyone else. Just feeling so fucking lucky – so fucking good.”

After an emotional depth-charge like that, it’s going to be hard not to root for N0tail and the OG squad to win their second Grand Finals in a row this year for his friend.

We also wouldn’t want to be the opposing team, because N0tail seems ready to go full John Wick-mode on whoever makes it to the Grand Finals match.

Who could OG face in the Finals?

OG will go up against either Team Liquid or PSG.LGD, depending on who wins the Loser’s Bracket Finals.

Team Liquid struggled through the Group Stage, where they fell 0-2 to PSG, and will definitely be looking for redemption on Sunday.

PSG have proven themselves the best Chinese team in the tournament, and are looking to make a Finals run with the home crowd solidly behind them.

ValveAugust 25 should be a great day for some top-level Dota 2.

Sunday is shaping up to be a wild day of Dota and one where we could potentially see OG make history as the first back to back International champions in history.

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