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Neon Rider V M4A4 skin revealed for CSGO: How much will it be worth?

Published: 9/May/2020 13:44

by Andy Williams


To commemorate the five-year anniversary of the iconic Neon Rider skin, artist Puffin has released the Neon Rider V skin for the M4A4. Together with CS.MONEY, we take a first look at the design, and how much it might be worth.

CS:GO’s virtual trading market revolves around community input for the vast majority of cosmetics. With a chance to showcase your artistic talents in-game on offer, there is plenty of competition for community-made skins.

Should a skin be accepted, Valve offer creators a sizable chunk of change to subsidize them for their efforts — although the Counter-Strike developers have remained tight-lipped about the exact figure.


CSGOs Operation Shattered Web.
The Shattered Web Collection features a plethora of input from community creators.

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Perhaps one of the most iconic skins to come from the community is the Neon Rider, created by Puffin. First introduced for the MAC-10 as part of the Chroma 2 Collection, the Neon Rider’s bold appearance is now a staple in most player’s inventories.

Puffin released an AK-47 variant of the skin as part of the Horizon Collection in 2018, which has been seen in the hands of big names like Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and Nicolai ‘dev1ce’ Reedtz.

In honor of the skin’s five-year tenure as one of the most iconic cosmetics in Counter-Strike history, Puffin has released an M4A4 edition of the skin.


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How much will M4A4 Neon Rider V be worth?

First and foremost, the skin is yet to be confirmed to appear in-game. So as usual, if you like the look of Puffin and Sir’s handiwork, you can cast your vote on the Steam Workshop.

It is likely that the skin’s rarity will match both the MAC-10 and AK-47 variants, therefore placing it as a Covert skin — which will automatically render it as one of the more expensive items in the case.

While there are a number of variables to consider when determining the price of a skin, an M4A4 skin of this stature will likely come in at a similar price point to the AK version to begin with.


Today, the T-side variant of the Neon Rider will set you back around $90 (USD) for a Factory New version and around $320 for a Factory New: StatTrak™ iteration, per CS.MONEY.

The AK-47 Neon Rider debuted at approximately $270 (Factory New) and $410 (Factory New: StatTrak™).

Although, with a little more backstory and lore tied to this skin for the fifth year anniversary, it is unlikely that there will be such a steep depreciation in value following release for the M4A4.

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Speaking on the Global Offensive subreddit, Puffin delved into how the skin came to be.“We released the first Neon Rider in 2015 and it was our first item to get accepted, allowing us to become part of the CS:GO workshop community.


“So five years later, it seemed fitting to release the next chapter. This was a [collaboration] with Sir, another workshopper who also worked on the Neon Rider IV.”

With that mind, the Neon Rider V: Vengeance would be the perfect addition to Rifle cosmetics — given that highly coveted M4A4 skins are few and far between, compared with its M4A1-S counterpart!