ESL reveals future of Intel Grand Slam amid Counter-Strike 2’s upcoming release

FaZe clan wins intel Grand Slam IVESL

ESL has revealed the future for one of Counter-Strike’s most prestigious trophies, the Intel Grand Slam, as Counter-Strike 2 gears up for its Summer release this year. 

When ESL Pro League Season 17 wrapped up, it was a momentous occasion for Counter-Strike. Not only did FaZe Clan win their first Intel Grand Slam, but it also saw Twistzz crowned as the only two-time Grand Slam winner. 

However, questions surrounded ESL regarding the future of CSGO’s most prestigious achievements, as Counter-Strike 2’s release was confirmed mid-way into EPL Season 17. Would the Intel Grand Slam IV be the last in CSGO history? 

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In a press release, ESL answered the burning question and more, outlining the future of the Intel Grand Slam. 


The future of the Intel Grand Slam

Itel Grand slam barsESL
Claiming an Intel Grand Slam bar is one of the most prestigious achievements in Counter-Strike

ESL has announced Intel Grand Slam V will commence with IEM Rio 2023. ESL also revealed its plans for when CS2 eventually releases, confirming any tournament wins across both CSGO and CS2 will count towards a team’s Intel Grand Slam run. 

“Once the highly anticipated CS2 is released and implemented into the ESL Pro Tour ecosystem, any eligible event wins in CSGO will count towards the Intel Grand Slam and as such a team can complete their runs with wins in both CSGO and CS2” they announced. 

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ESL has not revealed any further plans to move the entire circuit to CS2 as of yet, however, it is obviously expected once the game comes out from beta and into its full release. 

Rules for Intel Grand Slam V

NAVI wins IEM kato 2020HLTV
NAVI’s Intel Grand Slam run started with a win at IEm Katowice 2020

Here are the rules and requirements for Intel Grand Slam V, which remains largely unchanged:

  • The Intel Grand Slam V will be completed by the first team to win three ESL Pro Tour Tournaments and one EPT Championship tournament (ie. IEM Katowice, IEM Cologne, or ESL-operated Majors) inside the span of ten consecutive events. 
  • Results from Intel Grand Slam IV will not count towards Intel Grand Slam V.
  • If a player leaves their team and wins an Intel Grand Slam event beforehand, they are ineligible to win any prize money from their run.
  • If a team that is about to complete their Intel Grand Slam is defeated in the finals of their fourth win, their opponents will receive a $100,000 “giant killer bonus”. 
  • The “giant killer bonus” will not be awarded if the team denying the competition the Intel Grand Slam also completes their run in the same final.
  • There is no limit to how many “giant killer bonuses” are paid out in a single Intel Grand Slam campaign.

Previous Intel Grand Slam winners

Astralis wins intel Grand SlamHLTV
Astralis was the first team to win an Intel Grand Slam, finishing it off at ESL Pro League Season 8

When FaZe Clan won the Intel Grand Slam IV, it made them the fourth-ever team to do so, with Twistzz being the only player to do it twice, given his previous win with Team Liquid.

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So, here is a list of which other teams have also won the Intel Grand Slam throughout CSGO history: 

  • Intel Grand Slam I – Astralis 
  • Intel Grand Slam II – Team Liquid
  • Intel Grand Slam III – Natus Vincere
  • Intel Grand Slam IV – FaZe Clan

And that is all there is to know about the ongoing Intel Grand Slam V campaign for the time being. Should any changes arise throughout the year, we’ll be sure to update you here with any further details.

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