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Warzone meta weapons & rare items returning in Operation Flashback

Published: 18/Nov/2021 19:04

by David Purcell


Warzone’s Operation Flashback update has added a load of meta-defining weapons and rare items back into the game, including Dragon’s Breath shotguns. 

The new operation was rolled out on November 18 with the full patch notes being posted by Raven Software. Included in the update is a massive amount of fresh content, including a rework to the Buy Stations, as well as different events.

There’s one line in Raven’s statement that could lead to an enormous meta shakeup, though – which will be exciting for many members of the community.

In the official blog post, the dev team wrote: “Operation: Flashback also features a dedicated item pool curated with weapons that many veterans will recognize as “meta-defining” since Warzone’s launch.”


Warzone meta weapons returning

R9-0 Dragon's Breath in Warzone.
Activision / NICKMERCS (YouTube)
Dragon’s Breath shotguns are coming to Warzone.

Operation Flashback will be bringing back a few different meta-defining guns, though the patch notes didn’t really go into specifics.

In general terms, they said the following will feature in the content shakeup:

  • Double-barreled Dragon’s Breath shotguns
  • Semi-auto do-it-all marksman rifles
  • Akimbo weapons
  • Other armaments

On top of that, rare items – which they were much more specific about – will be returning to Warzone.

Warzone rare items in Operation Flashback

Warzone Season 3 Gas Mask Glitch
The Gas Mask is included in the Operation Flashback update.

Raven Software has confirmed that the following rare items are returning to Warzone in the patch:

  • Self-Revive Kit (Season Two, Modern Warfare)
  • Precision Airstrike (Season Two, Modern Warfare)
  • Cluster Strike (Season Two, Modern Warfare)
  • Overdrive Perk (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War)
  • Gas Mask (Season Two, Modern Warfare)
  • Durable Gas Mask (Season Five Secret Item, Modern Warfare)
  • Advanced UAV (Season Two Secret Item, Modern Warfare)
  • 2X Perk (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War)
  • Vault Keycards #1 and #3 (Season Three Secret Item, Black Ops Cold War)
  • Hunter Vision (Season Five, Black Ops Cold War)
  • Specialist Token (Season Three Secret Item, Black Ops Cold War)

The Operation Flashback update was pushed live on November 18, celebrating 18 months of Warzone with a number of flashback items and weapons. Wondering which is the best addition? Well, there’s only one way to find out really – jump into the Warzone.