Sledgehammer Announce Multiplayer x Zombies Crossover ‘Attack of the Undead’ Community Event – Schedule, Game Modes, New Weapons, and Much More!

Sledgehammer has announced a Multiplayer x Nazi Zombies crossover Community Event in Call of Duty: WWII titled ‘Attack of the Undead’ which features new game modes, weapons, uniforms, and much more.

Since its release in November of 2017, Sledgehammer Games, the developer of CoD: WWII, has introduced a collection of new content into the title in order to keep the game fresh and give back to loyal fans and supporters.

On May 29th, a new Community Event titled ‘Attack of the Undead’ was unveiled which involves a crossover between Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies and is set to take place between Tuesday, May 29th and Tuesday, June 26th in CoD: WWII.

Below, we have compiled a list of all the new content incorporated in the Attack of the Undead reveal, along with a full trailer which breaks down all the new additions and features over the course of the event.

Game Modes

  • Infected – How long can you survive? In the Infected Multiplayer mode, one player starts as a Zombie and must infect the remaining Survivors in the match, growing the undead horde with each bite. The Survivors win if all Zombies are eliminated.
  • Hordepoint – It’s the classic Hardpoint mode, but with a thrilling twist – the undead attack! In the Hordepoint Multiplayer mode, the winning team must defend the point from both the attacking team, as well as blood-thirsty Zombies. Keep your eyes peeled Soldier! Hordepoint is available for a limited-time, beginning Tuesday, June 5.
  • Relic of the Undead – How long can you hold the Zombie Relic? In this Multiplayer mode, the Soldier who keeps the Skull Relic away from their opponents for the longest time wins the match. Don’t worry, the Skull shouldn’t bite. Relic of the Undead is available for a limited-time, beginning Tuesday, June 12.
Attack of the Undead Game Modes – Image: Sledgehammer Games


Nambu Type 2 SMG


Lever Action Sniper Rifle

PTRS 41 Sniper Rifle

Stinger LMG

Fire Axe

Claymore Sword


Groesten Haus – A former Zombies-only map which has been brought to Multiplayer for a limited-time.

Official Trailer

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