‘Relic of the Undead’ Game Mode Now Live in Call of Duty: WWII for a Limited Time

Sledgehammer Games

The ‘Relic of the Undead’ game mode is now live in Call of Duty: WWII to cap-off the ‘Attack of the Undead’ Community Event.

In order to keep the game fresh since its release in November of 2017, Sledgehammer, the developer of CoD: WWII, has maintained a steady schedule of updates and patches for a variety of new content.

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CoD: WWII has seen a mix of different content implemented over the months from Sledgehammer, including ‘Community Events’ which typically incorporate some type of ‘theme’ for weapons, modes, and other in-game additions.

Taking place between May 29th and June 26th, the ‘Attack of the Undead’ Community Event implemented a ‘Zombie’ theme across multiplayer, with loads of new content available to players.

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On June 12th, Sledgehammer announced that ‘Relic of the Undead’ has gone live in CoD: WWII, and will be present in-game until the conclusion of ‘Attack of the Undead.

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A full description of the ‘Relic of the Undead’ game mode can be found below.

“How long can you hold the Zombie Relic? In this Multiplayer mode, the Soldier who keeps the Skull Relic away from their opponents for the longest time wins the match. Don’t worry, the Skull shouldn’t bite. Relic of the Undead is available for a limited-time, beginning Tuesday, June 12.”

More information on ‘Attack of the Undead’ can be viewed right here.