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Call of Duty • Aug 30, 2019

Pizza Hut apparently looking for 'Call of Duty pro' in bizarre job listing

Pizza Hut apparently looking for 'Call of Duty pro' in bizarre job listing
L: Pizza Hut R: Activision

Update 8/30/2019 at 1:57 PM ET

Pizza Hut responded and seem just as confused as we are.

"Hmm, that’s odd," the company wrote in a tweet. "Thanks for bringing it to our attention Rahul, we’ve flagged this with the correct team internally and they’re looking into it."

Original story below.

In a head-scratching job listing, Pizza Hut apparently wants to hire a Call of Duty pro to play on clients' behalf to unlock items and improve their kill-death ratio.


It turns out that being a Call of Duty pro has more perks than just being good at video games.

Being good at CoD will not only win you prize money from esports tournaments but it also seems that you'll also be able to get a job at your local Pizza Hut where you can display your skills while chowing down on a pizza, as bizarre as that sounds.

Infinity Ward
Your Call of Duty skills might get you a job at Pizza Hut.


Yes, that's right, according to a job posting on LinkedIn, Pizza Hut actually wants to add on a CoD pro to their team and it's just as puzzling as it sounds.

"We’re looking for brilliant Call of Duty Pro Players to take on clients locally," reads the listing. "Are you knowledgeable, friendly and professional? Are you looking for new clients? If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you."

Pizza Hut needs Call of Duty pros.


If you decide to take it the extra step and go to apply, you are redirected to a site that is not Pizza Hut but rather to an agency, making the whole thing even more confusing.

It's hard to imagine any real reason Pizza Hut would want to pick up a Call of Duty pro, and it's possible that this listing has been some sort of error by the agency.


With all that said, it's very unlikely any Call of Duty pro would want to take on a job at Pizza Hut as it's definitely a major pay cut and you'll come home smelling like pizza every day, which could either be considered a good or bad thing.

The job listings are still up though, so if you fancy yourself as a top CoD player, you can fill in an application, and you may just find yourselves chomping down on pizza while you carry customers to victories.

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