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H3CZ and Temperrr reveal meaning behind matching CoD sniper tattoos

Published: 26/Jul/2019 12:04 Updated: 26/Jul/2019 12:52

by Joe Craven


OpTic Gaming’s Hector ‘H3CZ‘ Rodriguez and FaZe Clan’s Thomas ‘Temperrr’ Oliviera have revealed their matching tattoos of two fabled Call of Duty sniper rifles, the M40A3 and the Intervention. 

While ostensibly rivals given their competing organizations, OpTic Gaming founder H3CZ, and FaZe founder Temper, have revealed their matching tattoos, as well as the surprisingly deep meanings behind them. 

The pair are known to be good friends, recently revealing that neither of their organizations would exist without the other. Now though, they have paid tribute to the games (and specific weapons within those games) that they say led to the founding of their prestigious organizations. 

Infinity WardThe MW2 Intervention is remembered as one of the best CoD snipers ever.

Following discussions regarding tattoos, the pair agreed to get matching tattoos on the side of their hands, tributing the CoD guns that fueled their respective orgs. For Temper, this is the Intervention, most famous for its appearance in the acclaimed Modern Warfare 2, remembered by many as the best Call of Duty game of all time.

H3CZ, however, decided to tribute the M40A3, originally from 2007’s Modern Warfare, the game widely credited as establishing the CoD formula, as well as launching the game into the mainstream gaming market. 

Infinity WardThe original CoD 4 M40A3.

The pair’s completed tattoos can be seen below.

YouTube: H3CZThe pair’s tattoos, with Temper’s on the left, and H3CZ’s on the right.

However, both figures actually explained that there is a deeper meaning for their tattoos, with H3CZ stating that, for him, he has associated tattoos with being self-employed, and the success that Call of Duty has brought him. 

Similarly, Temper described how the Intervention within MW2 was so influential to FaZe Clan. “This gun right here,” he said, pointing to the Intervention, “literally created FaZe. [It] changed my life, created FaZe Clan, it’s time to fucking honor it.” 

Given the incredible levels of success both organizations have gone on to experience, it seems a fitting tribute to the games – and specific weapons – that created them and have been so influential to Call of Duty over the years. 

Call of Duty

Nadeshot calls for major SBMM change in Black Ops Cold War rant

Published: 2/Dec/2020 11:48

by Jacob Hale


Skill-based matchmaking has been a major complaint from top Call of Duty players for years now, and 100 Thieves CEO and former pro player Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has finally snapped, going on a rant against SBMM in the new Black Ops Cold War.

Nadeshot has never made it a secret that he, alongside a huge number of Call of Duty players, is anti-SBMM.

Though the sentiment makes sense — pit players of equal skill against one another — in practice, many players aren’t happy with it and want to see it removed or at least tuned down.

Nadeshot clearly falls into that category, and let his opinion be known during a December 1 stream while playing on the latest edition of Nuketown, Nuketown ‘84.

black ops cold war cartel
Black Ops Cold War has been welcomed with mixed reviews, but SBMM has been a major sticking point.

As you can tell immediately from the scoreline alone and the carnage unfolding around him, the match is an intense one, and he wasn’t impressed.

He said: “It’s time to lower the skill-based matchmaking. This is not fun. I know we want the kids that have never played Call of Duty to be in a safe space, but please stop alienating the people that have been playing your game for over a decade.”

That wasn’t all, though, as Haag continued to complain as he struggled to make much of an impact on the game. “This is not an enjoyable experience,” he said. “Especially trying to get the challenges done on these weapons… Everyone’s got a scorestreak because it’s participation and not skill.”

Both the SBMM and scorestreak complaints have been popular ones for Black Ops Cold War players, and the sentiment seems to be echoed from the top down.

Whether Activision or Treyarch make changes to either issue remains to be seen, but we might not see Nadeshot streaming Black Ops Cold War for too much longer at this rate.