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Florida CoD franchise name & logo potentially found in trademark filing

Published: 4/Oct/2019 23:50 Updated: 5/Oct/2019 0:06

by Albert Petrosyan


The branding of the Call of Duty franchise that’s based in Florida has apparently been found in a recently filed trademark application, including the team’s name and logo.

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With Call of Duty esports transitioning to a franchised model starting from the 2020 season, the 12 confirmed organizations have understandably been very busy putting together their teams for the inaugural campaign. 

However, while several player and coach signings have already been announced, one thing that none of the franchises have done yet is reveal their official team branding.

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That said, some with an investigative feel for things have realized that looking for official trademark filings in public records could potentially reveal the names of some teams.


As a result, using that method, it’s been discovered that the Florida Call of Duty franchise will potentially be called Florida Mutineers, with their logo being some sort of beast with tentacles protruding from its face. 

EUIPOThe potential logo and name for the Florida Call of Duty franchise.
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This trademark application was found filed with EUIPO – the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

The goods and services it was filed for include “computer programs for video and computer games, jewellery and time instruments, printed matter, backpacks and luggage, clothing and headgear, video game appartus, and entertainment services,” among many other things. 

There are two things that connect this application with Misfits Gaming, the parent company who owns the Florida Call of Duty franchise.


Firstly, it was filed by a company that has the same address as Florida Mayhem, the Overwatch League team owned by Misfits. (credit @byadamfitch)

Secondly, and perhaps even more of an indication, is the fact that the two authorized persons listed on the filing, managers Mitchell Rubenstein and Laurie Silvers, are two people with whom Ben Spoont founded Misfits, according to the organization’s own website. (credit @iSpoonz_)

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This name and logo would certainly make sense for this particular franchise, since they both are pirate-themed, and Florida is relatively close to the Caribbean, which was once a hub for the miscreants of the seas.


Mutineers is based on the word mutiny, which was very common in the older days of piracy, while the logo, many have noticed, closely resembles Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean film series, the fearsome looking pirate who was crowned the “supernatural rule of the Seven Seas.”

DisneyThe Mutineers logo looks very similar to Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
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It’s worth noting, however, that this information does not 100% confirm that Florida CoD will be called the Mutineers, and that the image above will be their logo, despite being found in an official filing.

Envy Gaming CEO Mike ‘Hastr0’ Rufail, when responding to his Dallas CoD franchise’s name being leaked in the same manner, mentioned how they had filed “several names, domains, and branding assets,” in addition to the one that had been found.


If that holds true for Misfits as well, then this may end up not being a part of their official branding once everything is said and done.