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FaZe Clan Reverse Sweep Mindfreak in Close Series at CWL Anaheim To Secure Top 6

Published: 17/Jun/2018 20:11 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Calum Patterson


Top APAC team Mindfreak put up a tough fight against FaZe Clan but were ultimately reverse swept by the Stage One winners.

Both Mindfreak and fellow Australian team Tainted Minds shook up the bracket at CWL Anaheim, knocking out top North American and European teams with surprisingly strong performances.


Tainted Minds did eventually fall to OpTic Gaming and finished in top 8, but it was testament to the experience they earned by participation in the CWL Pro League, as they out performed expectations by beating Team Envy and Echo Fox.

Mindfreak have been equally impressive though, eliminating Ghost Gaming, then Splyce but have now fallen to FaZe.


FaZe’s struggles in the winners bracket continued – despite having won the biggest tournament of the year so far at Stage One playoffs, they are yet to win a single WB series.

And it cost them once again, as after being swept by UNILAD in winners bracket round one, they did manage to eliminate Team Kaliber in a close series, but it looked as though they would fall to Mindfreak.

Both the opening maps were close, with a 250-210 win for MF on the first hardpoint, and then a 6-4 win on map two SnD – a map that Denholm “Denz” Taylor dominated.


FaZe fought back in the map three CTF after being 0-2 down, they tied it up at 2-2 to force overtime, which they then won comfortably in the end.

The map three hardpoint was another close one, but FaZe all of a sudden looked a different team, and their momentum carried them through the final map on Saint Marie SnD.

It leaves Mindfreak in top 8, which is still their highest placing of the WWII season, and APAC fans can be happy that both 7-8th teams came from their region.

Call of Duty

Nadeshot and Scump stunned by Tfue’s “insane” Warzone sniper streak

Published: 9/Oct/2020 11:07

by Jacob Hale


Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner were left almost speechless as streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney started hitting in “insane” sniper streak in Call of Duty battle royale Warzone.

Scump and Nade are veterans in the Call of Duty scene, and they’ve seen just about everything you could see in a CoD game after years of playing with the best of the best.


For that reason, it must be hard to truly impress them, and it makes it even more special when someone does.

While Tfue isn’t famed for his Warzone prowess, having risen to the top of Twitch thanks to his incredible Fortnite gameplay, the skills are clearly transferable, as he found himself not missing a single headshot while traversing Verdansk.

Tfue and Cloakzy win Fortnite Summer Skirmish
Epic Games
Tfue was a champion in Fortnite, and is clearly looking to prove his grit and worth again in Warzone.

Since Season 6 launched, the new SP-R208 sniper has become a favorite for players thanks to its fast ADS and precision, and Tfue made it look like the easiest gun in the world to use as he hit headshot after headshot.

The trio were running through Boneyard, with Tfue alone already at 14 kills for himself before hitting this incredible streak, and you’re not likely to see a more perfect display of in-game accuracy than this.

Sneaking up behind his enemies, Tfue hit three successive headshots to down the players, and followed them all up with headshots while they were downed, too. Not content with just that, he found two more players on the outskirts of Boneyard, including one just flying in, and hit them square in the face too, with just one bullet going stray the entire time.


Throughout, Nadeshot couldn’t believe what he was seeing, calling the former Fortnite pro “elite” while Scump simply told him that he’s “cracked.”

Finally, Nade joked that Tenney was “creating a montage” and, to his credit, it would be one of the best montage clips on any video it appeared in if it were to.