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Shroud finds hilarious and horrible bugs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Published: 10/Nov/2020 18:59 Updated: 10/Nov/2020 19:15

by Alex Garton


Whilst streaming Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Shroud encountered some hilarious and game-breaking bugs, and it’s hard to deny how entertaining it was to watch.

The release of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has arrived and content creators are playing the game across multiple platforms. Of course, as with any newly released title, Valhalla has its fair share of bugs and glitches on launch day that the developers will likely already be working on.

While streaming Valhalla, Shroud experienced a number of these glitches himself, leaving his viewers with some great reactions. Despite these in-game issues being unintended, there’s no denying how entertaining it is to watch a hilarious bug occur on stream.

Shroud encounters hilarious glitches on stream

The first glitch revolves around a large chest that the other NPCs are supposed to help you open. However, unfortunately for Shroud, his Viking companions didn’t fancy lending him a hand.

It’s fair to say there is no chance you’re getting that chest open on your own. The fact that the chest is made of solid gold just adds insult to injury, and you can tell Shroud just wants to grab the loot and go.

Shroud encountered the next glitch while swimming in a deep pool that led into a patch of darkness. Unfortunately, that patch happened to lead Shroud underneath the map while his character continued to move in the swimming animation.

Although game-breaking glitches like this can be an issue for some players, it’s always hilarious to see a streamer encounter one. The fact that Shroud is swimming under the map just adds the icing on the cake for the clip. All jokes aside, this is definitely a bug that Ubisoft will need to patch before other players start abusing it.

Finally, Shroud enters a cave assuming it’s an explorable area and soon realizes he’s not meant to be there.

It’s safe to say when you see a black untextured wall in a game this stunning, you’re probably not meant to be there. You have to respect Shroud for pushing past the black wall, even if it meant he fell through the map.

It never gets boring seeing streamers run into these game-breaking bugs. The reactions are always gold and they definitely add something to a play-through when they’re not regularly occurring. In the meantime, Ubisoft might need to push out a couple of patches before everyone accidentally stumbles into the wrong cave.

Assassin's Creed

3 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla easter eggs you need to see

Published: 25/Nov/2020 18:07

by Alex Garton


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla might not strike you as a game that blends the worlds of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, but if you look in the right place, these easter eggs can be found. 

Ubisoft’s game released alongside the Xbox Series X|S and since launch players have searched every inch of the game’s expansive world. In doing so, a number of exciting crossovers to other major franchises have been found.

Although the world of Valhalla may be set in the age of the Vikings, which is nothing remotely like the grounds of Hogwarts, there are some things you can find that blur the lines.

Valhalla’s easter eggs are spread across various regions of the game’s world.

Best easter eggs in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Harry Potter easter egg

This easter egg is located in Lunden, south-east of St Paul’s Cathedral in a small thatched building.

The building is guarded by a snake and a key is required to unlock the door. Use your Odin Sight and you’ll see a white indicator that marks the location of the key on the balcony of a nearby building.

Players will enter what looks to be Voldemort’s hideout.

Once inside, players will find an eerily dark lit room filled with strange objects. On the table directly opposite the door, there’s a readable note for players that lists each of Voldemort’s Horcruxes from the Harry Potter films. These were, of course, the powerful objects in the Deathly Hallows, which contained a hidden fragment of a wizard or witch’s soul.

Despite the room only containing the ‘Strange list’, it’s a great easter egg to discover. For any fans of the Harry Potter franchise, this is one you can’t afford to skip.

Dark Souls easter egg

It’s hard to find an open-world RPG that doesn’t have a reference to From Software’s legendary franchise. There are no complaints from fans, though, as it’s always exciting to discover a Dark Souls easter egg, especially if it’s the iconic bonfire.

Here’s exactly where to find the Dark Souls easter egg.

The bonfire is located in east Ledecestrescire in the ruins of a building. We’ve seen the same bonfire reference in countless titles and it still never gets boring. Luckily, as long as you remember to save regularly, you won’t be spawning back at the bonfire when you die.

Lord of the Rings easter egg

It would have been a missed opportunity to not include a reference to Tolkien’s Middle-Earth in the world of Valhalla. Lucky for us, Ubisoft didn’t disappoint and even added one of the Rings of Power into the game.

Skull Busters
Here’s exactly where to find the Lord of the Rings easter egg.

The easter egg is located west of Glowecestre on the edge of the river in a small house. Players will need to locate the nearby hidden key with their Odin Sight and enter the building.

Inside there’s a readable note that reads “One of the little folk asked me to make the door smaller, as he wants to keep unruly houseguests from his house.” This is a clear reference to Tolkien’s character Bilbo Baggins.

Skull Busters
It’s amazing Ubisoft actually added a Ring of Power to the game.

Next to the note, the developers have even added a small ring in reference to the Rings of Power. It’s unfortunate that players can’t equip the ring, but honestly that’s probably for the best.