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Apex Legends

Why are the Apex Legends servers down? Everything we know

Published: 3/Apr/2019 19:40 Updated: 4/Apr/2019 3:20

by Eli Becht


Respawn Entertainment released update 1.1 on April 3 for Apex Legends that created a myriad of problems for players that wiped progress for their accounts and now players are reporting not being able to access the game.

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Apex Legends updated to version 1.1 on April 3 in what was supposed to be a good patch that introduced various quality of life changes like the ability to squad up with your previous team, among other things but it looks like the game had other ideas.

Apex Legends players are having their accounts wiped after updating to v1.1

Players are reporting having their progress being completely wiped and even reporting not being able to access the game at all. 


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Respawn released a statement addressing the progress being wiped by saying they are looking into it but so far nothing has been said about the servers being completely down.

Players have been kicked from matches with no ability to access the servers again while some aren’t reporting any issues. This issue doesn’t seem to be affecting every player but it’s widespread enough to be an issue.

Why can’t you access Apex Legends?

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Considering how good the development team has been so far about announcing updates, it’s a bit odd to see this not addressed yet.

A fix for the progress reset is being looked at so it’s possible a similar fix is being looked at for the servers being down for some players as well.


We will keep this post updated with new information about the servers as it becomes available from Respawn. With prolonged issues like this it could end up taking a lot longer than expected, especially when there are multiple problems.


A couple of hours after the update and server issues occurred, Respawn Entertainment posted a brief progress update on Reddit detailing the issues. 

It turns out that the v1.1 update placed players onto new servers, which led to the issues. These issues have now been fixed and the servers are up and running once more.