When will the Apex Legends ‘code: leaf’ error be fixed?

Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends community has been experiencing a troubling amount of “leaf” errors that is preventing Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players from jumping into King’s Canyon, and the devs have already been on the case for a permanent fix.

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The launch of Apex Legends Season 2 brought back a ton of players back to its servers, but not all was smooth sailing in the aftermath of the highly anticipated content drop from Respawn Entertainment.

Those who are looking to sift through the stacked Battle Pass or try out the latest character to join the fray in Wattson will have to hope they don’t get caught by the dreaded ‘leaf’ error preventing people from playing the game.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers hoping to try out the new legend Wattson might be delayed because of the leaf error.
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Players are angry

Numerous users on popular social media site Reddit have been reporting an influx of leaf errors that are starting to “impact the enjoyment of the game.”

“Major Server Issues?!?!” user ‘Z00L22’ said. “I would say I average about 4 out of every 5 times I load up I get this message after being kicked and have to sign back into EA servers. Happens to multiple friends of mine as well, this issue is impacting the enjoyment of this game.”

Even though players have been pointing to other burgeoning problems in the game, the leaf errors are annoying enough that some think it should be at the top of Respawn’s priority list.

Respawn EntertainmentThe code: leaf disconnects are bringing down the Apex Legends community in a big way.
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“This needs to be a more major point being made in this (community),” user ‘YungSeaOtter’ said. “Instead of people complaining about the Alternator we need to be able to get into a game reliably without dealing with this every other game for 5 minutes at a time.”

While the devs have tried to implement tools to help identify the problem in the June 20th update, it’s still largely unknown when a fix will come but the devs are diligently working on an update.

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What is Apex Legends’ code: leaf error?

So far it’s looking like no one is safe from the Code: Leaf problem, and some players have been trying to shed light on the issue to better understand what’s been going on in the backend.

“Leaf is just the same error we got before when it would try and connect us to the match but match would get full and it would get stuck on a loop, and eventually reset pre-patch,” user ‘Atomic1221’ said. “Now, instead of this long loop it is throwing us out to the home screen. My guess code leaf’s name has to do with the leaf falling from the tree too soon or some shit poetic=> Code Leaf: Your connection has been dropped due to server being full.”

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Both of Respawn’s new seasons for Apex Legends have been plagued with connectivity issues which the devs will look to rectify as soon as possible.