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Shroud breaks down which Apex Legends weapons are the best and why

Published: 8/Mar/2019 2:39 Updated: 8/Mar/2019 4:06

by Albert Petrosyan


Seeing as how Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the best Apex Legends players in the world, it’s probably worth listening when he talks about which kinds of weapons he prefers using. 

Weapons comprise one of the most important pillars of Apex Legends, and thus it’s important for any player who’s aspiring to master the game to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of each gun. 

Shroud, who is universally considered to be among the top Apex players in the world, knows a thing or two about weapons, and has broken down which weapons he prefers and why. 

According to the former CS:GO pro, the best weapons are the ones that allow the player to most freely move around side-to-side while aiming down sight and shooting.

“The best weapons are the weapons that are most mobile,” he said. ” That’s why the Wingman and R-99 are really good.”

According to shroud, the reason that the Wingman is so effective is because it offers players mobility while using it.

He then contrasted this idea with the Spitfire, which is considered to be one of the more powerful weapons in the game. 

Despite its potency, however, it’s lack of mobility means that it just doesn’t meet the cut for shroud.

“Spitfire is great, but you go up against anyone that’s half decent, that Spitfire is terrible,” he said. “You literally have to stand still. There’s no side strafes; you can’t side strafe with the Spitfire. You’re a fucking sitting duck, and you just die. It’s just a heavy weapon.”

(Conversation is in the first 25 seconds of the video)

It’s important to note that since Shroud made these comments, Respawn Entertainment did finally nerf the Wingman in the balancing update they rolled out on March 6.

Its rate of fire was reduced from 3.1 to 2.6, while the Skullpiercer headshot damage multiplier was lowered from 2.5 to 2.25. The base hip-fire spread was increased while the rate at which the hip-fire spread shrinks back down has been decreased.

Shroud has, of course, shared his thoughts about the changes, and after initially calling them “not the right nerf,” he later changed his mind and appreciated that the effectiveness of the weapon had been noticeably reduced.

However, despite the changes, it appears that the Wingman is still one of the more powerful weapons in the game, and its combination with the R-99 might still be the go-to for many of the top players.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 7 start date moved forward one week

Published: 21/Oct/2020 22:40 Updated: 21/Oct/2020 23:55

by Tanner Pierce


After an initial leak and then a change with the Season 6 Battle Pass, it appears that the start date for Apex Legends’ Season 7 start date has been moved up by a week.

Although not officially announced yet by Respawn Entertainment, all indications seem to be pointing to Season 7 kicking off a week earlier than had been originally scheduled.

According to the in-game Battle Pass menu, S7 was initially set to start on November 10, which made sense given the length of a standard Apex Legends season. Now, prominent data-miner ‘Shrugtal’ leaked updated game code that showed the date being changed to November 4.

Following Shrugtal’s tweet, Apex’s Battle Pass menu was adjusted to show that, as of October 21, there were only 14 days left remaining in S6, rather than the 21 that had been displayed earlier the same day.

This all but confirms the date change, which Respawn have not yet explained, although it could be because S6 had been delayed by a week, so this could be the devs wanting to keep subsequent seasons right on schedule rather than all of them also starting a week later.

While this change fixes that issue and also means Apex fans will be able to access Season 7’s content a week earlier, at the same time, they’ll have a week less than originally anticipated to experience everything that Season 6 has to offer.

It makes more sense now that the annual Fight or Fright Halloween-themed event, which starts October 22, is wrapping up on November 3, just in time for the new season to launch.

This change also helps to explain why Respawn have been so teaser-happy recently, putting out voice recordings almost on a daily basis hinting at what’s coming to their prized battle royale in its seventh chapter.

While we don’t know what these recordings mean just yet, since they all seem to be pieces of a larger puzzle, there’s no doubt that the Apex community is getting excited again over that familiarly awesome feeling of new content on the way.

S7 is set to introduce a brand new legend named Horizon and is also expected to add a new machine gun called Predator, although the latter has yet to be confirmed. Of course, players will also have a new battle pass full of content to jump into.

For more information, leaks, and what else to expect, make sure to check out our Apex Legends Season 7 hub here.

This article was written with contributions from Albert Petrosyan.